Money, Money!!

I’m sending “Shine in 49″entries off to the judges today~ so that we can get the results announced prior to the HOLIDAY! I can’t believe the 4th of July is almost hear! OH wow! time for the bikini!!  It makes me very thankful to be back to my workouts this week!

1 week off + 3 days of workouts = SORE! SORE! SORE!

I can hardly move today without something hurtin’…OMGoodness~ Then this morning I found out I forgot to take my CREATINE yesterday– it was still sitting on the kitchen counter from yesterday~ DUH!  So I took it, despite it probably not quite as effective since creatine turns to creatinine after it’s been mixed for a a period of time. That’s why it’s best to take shortly after mixing it into your liquid.

My workout total for yesterday ended up great: 10 mins fasted  upright bike intervals and 27 mins total of outside exercise – 6 minute long uphills + additional running/walking for a total of a 27 min workout.

I was greeted at the end of my running trail by a pretty blue snake (thankfully it was dead!)…I guess it’s called a “Blue Racer”

Here’s a pic:

So today I facebook I posted this “I may be odd but money has never seemed to make me take action— So I’m curious…Do you get motivated by $$$$ MONEY $$$$ ~??”

I got some interesting responses…and also figured I should elaborate the meaning behind the question:

When I say I am not motivated by money, I mean it!  I can’t seem to do simple things that could easily make me more $$.  When I look at my to do list money is often there for the taking, but I don’t take action on those items unless my back is against the wall.  I hate that about myself, but I am so thankful that MONEY is not what moves me to action.

I see people “keeping up with the Jones’ “or flaunting their private jets, expensive cars, big houses, designer clothes and other STUFF– and it does NOTHING for me!  I do love having money though— I love not being STRESSED about every penny!  I love being able to give gifts, buy my kids things, afford nice things, but it still doesn’t make me move!

What make me move is deeper– it’s actually LOVE.  I love people, I love seeing people happy.  I love feeling that I can help others.  I love teaching. I love sharing a bit of my happy life with others through positive info, pictures, stories, tips, etc….Love is truly the greatest motivator for me.  I love the thought of making life easier for my kids (with my $$)

I am motivated out of LEGACY.  I am want to be excellent, I want others to be excellent and I want the world to be more excellent because of my contribution to it.  I refuse to sell junk, to HYPE anything I don’t truly believe in.  That’s part of why you don’t see Ads on my website for every fitness product under the sun.  That’s part of why I don’t spam my mailing list with offer after offer.  I don’t want money that makes me be anthing but true to MYSELF!

I also am motivated by RESPONSIBILITY.  “To whom much is given, much is required”…I have been blessed with some amazing talents and I feel I huge responsibility to do them justice!  God gave me so much and I must not squander it!  I have a responsibility to my GOD to do all I can with what HE has blessed me with.  It’s something I take very seriously.

FYI- I grew up in poverty, as did my husband– so don’t think I have “silver spoon” syndrome either– I am at a prosperous place in my life because of my GOD and hard work!

AND…I need to ADD– I don’t think there is anything WRONG with being motivated by money– I think it’s either in your DNA or not…I honestly wish I was more motivated to take action because of money, lol!!  Thanks for all the honest answers on facebook about it!!

Love ya’s!!




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