Howday!!! Final week prep videos!!! ~Shine in 49:Day 42

Hi, Howday, Hello!!

Sorry I’ve been a bit bad about posting my blog   I’ve been a tish under the weather and totally distracted by “SUMMER”! Getting used to the kids being home is quite and adjustment for all of us!

Anyhow, I’m excited that JUNE is here and that our final contest week is about to start!! whoohoo!! we are going to see some good final submissions!!

As promised I am posting a couple videos from my private video coaching area for you to watch regarding final week preparations for your final pictures.

The video correlates with my 10 week Super Star Success Journal but is very applicable to our 7th and Final week of the “Shine in 49” contest.


INTRO….This video has been moved, please look for it on



If you’d like to get extra lean and mean for your photoshoot~ here is a basic photoshoot prep that I’ve used and recommended to many of my clients:

Photoshoot prep-

3 days out-

-Drink 1.5 gallons of water

-Cut your carbs to only 2.

-Eat very salty foods. And if you find this to be a problem, drink a couple of cups of chicken bullion. It is very important that you have a salt overload on this day

2 days out-

-Drink 1.5 gallons of water

-No carbs, protein veggies and fat only


Put a coat of tanner on b4 bed- Loreal Sublime tanner with bronzer in it is the best!

1 day 1 out-

-Drink 1.5 gallons of water

-NO Workout

-No Carbs

-NO Salt

-No gas causing foods

-Take a water pill(diruex) B4 bed and

-no water after 8pm or so…time it so you have 12-16 hours without water prior to your shoot

-Put another coat of Tanner on

Photoshoot DAY!!

-No water or carbs until after the shoot

-Put another coat of tanner on

-Do your hair

-Over do your make up make sure you have some that will make your face a little tanner looking. What I use is a face bronzer, and 1 shade darker makeup for photoshoots. You may want to practice with this before hand.

Have fun!!

Bring music

(have a glass of wine)

Post photoshoot-

Drink a lot of water to rehydrate!!!

And be sure to eat a healthy meal.


MORE INFO About Photoshoot PREP~ check my You TUBE

*Each and every one of you who enters a final entry will get a free BuffMother! shirt!!! AND REMEMBER…each one of you CAN WIN this Contest~ BELIEVE IT!! Please participate and let’s enjoy the synergy of TEAM BuffMother! working together towards being your best!!! You can have the Buff Bikini Bod of your DREAMS :woohoo:

I also wanted to add that I’ll be putting up a photoshoot prep document tomorrow~ AND I wanted to remind you that everyone who writes up a final entry gets a SHIRT!! SOOOOOOO……..

PLEASE be sure to kick it in this week and “finish” out the contest, you will be glad you did!!!

Let’s hit this final week hard,






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  1. FINAL WEEK–That just doesn’t seem right! I guess it is, and I’m excited about IT! Thanks for the last days of prep information! WHOO-HOO to a BUFFMOTHER T-Shirt!! I’ll be wearing it with PRIDE!

  2. Someday a photo shoot….the thought scares me. 🙂 I want tp look awesome but not sure about photo shoot or competing in a tiny bikini. lol how do you do it? I think i need ypu as a personal trainer/ life coach Michelle. Maybe i should move to arkansas. j/k…. I have to do this to prove to myself i can accomplish anything i put my mind to!

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