Be HAPPY in the process~ Shine in 49: Day 37

HI!! my Happy Friends!! I am so happy you are my friends~ I am a very lucky lady!

Sunday,  we didn’t make it to church but we did watch a message on TV by Joel Osteen– He spoke about REDEEMING our TIME. Meaning to use our time wisely and to be HAPPY in the process. It does no good for us to WASTE our time on being negative, grumpy, worried, stressed, anxious, bitter, unforgiving, jealous, etc….

The message was a great reminder to me to be HAPPY NOW~ to enjoy the JOURNEY toward my goals~ to JUST be happy!! I am going to focus hard on this…I want to be known as a happy person by everyone I know!!

My goal for this next week is to add in more cardio and to simply eat  HEALTHY!!
I’m starting my buffing phase today, just in time to see some nice FINAL results for our
contest– we have just 13 days left!!

Our mini-challenge for this 6th week is “NO DAIRY”~

My POA for the week is to do my MINI-CHALLENGE of NO DAIRY, get more intervals/cardio in, and to get back to more of a non-vacation attitude…Memorial Day is OVER!  I missed my workout yesterday- so my streak ended at 14 days of working out in a row– my goal is to keep striving to workout every day until my b-day– so despite not hitting my goal 100%, I am still going for it!!  I keep fighting even if a lose a battle once in a while!
T-Legs and run hills
W-back, intervals (bike)
Th-chest, intervals (running)
Sa-Back, intervals (running)
Su- small shoulder workout and abs

Happiness Rocks!!


Love your Happy friend,

**My Workout Plan for TODAY**
(TUESDAY for many of us)
Warm up- 6 minutes of cardio- any type… ease into it, prepare your body and mind for an effective workout.

Lower Body #1, ABS and Intervals
1- Squats– 3 sets of 10 (3×10)
…first set medium wt. warm up, second set heavier, heavier if needed ;
last set 10th rep should be close to failure.

(At Home Option): DB Squats-
Roman Chair Knee UPS- 2×20; Rest 1min

2- Smith Lunges– 3×10

ABS: Ball Crunches- 2×15; Rest 1 min

3- Knee Extensions-3×10
Standing High Knees- 2×20 each leg; REST 1 min

4- Leg Curls– 3×10 (At Home Option: Ball Leg Curls)-

ABS: CATS/DOGS- 2x 3 reps of each position- holding both up (CAT) and down (DOG) for 5 seconds each

5- Calf Raises– 3×10

ABS: Vacuums- 2 x 5: 10 second vacuums (10-20 sec rest between reps)

and INTERVALS  outside on my hill~ fun stuff!! (typically I don’t do intervals on leg day, but I feel I “NEED” it after this weekend 🙁





20 Replies to “Be HAPPY in the process~ Shine in 49: Day 37

  1. Sounds like you had an awesome family weekend, lots of spring fresh air is always great.
    Totally with you on the eliminate bread again,I have found that its crept back in, even though in a wholegrain form and no matter how much I love it, it just doesnt work for me, can we say heavy feeling and bloated belly!! And that is something I dont love!
    Have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂
    Have a HAPPY day! 🙂

  2. Glad you had a good weekend! Always good to be reminded to be HAPPY and use our time wisely. Will get my workout in this morning then the kids and I are swimming this afternoon….summer has begun – woohoo!! Have a great day and I will be joining you on the bread challenge:)

  3. I need to get back at it again too. I took Sunday and Monday off from working out and eating. Yikes! it actually makes me unhappy!

  4. Your body didn’t like something you ate this weekend….Let’s get back to SERIOUS the next 2 weeks!!

  5. Oh Alma! you have a great sense of humor…I feel like a do-do too! crazy hormones do that to me every month- I’ve started to EMBRACE IT! and just LAUGH!!

  6. Bloated isn’t even the word! I was down to 118 😉 and now back up to 121 just over the weekend! YIKES!! I did get in a good upper body work out yesterday tho. TIME TO GET SERIOUS!!

  7. “Be happy in the process” ~ just what I needed to hear today. I’ve been dealing with my thyroid meds failing again and when that happens it’s difficult to stick workouts and healthy eating because of the extreme tiredness. Then I find myself struggling with frustration and fear, which I know does me no good. Just this morning I was employing the “Focus on Solutions” exercise from the Hormonal Timing book to put my focus back on the positive actions I can take for this problem, and any others that may arise. Thanks for the oh-so-important reminder, Michelle! 🙂

  8. Have been feeling like do-do lately (it’s my best description right now!) and attribute to that- time- of- the month but actually am feeling centered as I have been reading your book about hormonal timing and finally giving myself a break about those down days. My workouts are going well and I am giving myself a few days to go on a revised shorter workouts to just keep me going. I am waiting on my C-1 day to start charting. Thanks so much!

  9. Sounds like you had a great weekend. “A happy heart doeth good like medicine.” We are told in so many ways to be happy, so now is the time to get on it and just DO IT.

  10. So I guess I’ll be HAPPY that my new running shoes don’t really fit right [sarcasm]

    I guess I can be glad that I haven’t worn them outside yet and will plan to take them back tomorrow.

  11. I’m always much more productive when I have a great attitude. Thanks for the reminder post. Too bad you can’t put a link in your blog for the YouTube videos, but thanks for letting us know they’re there!

  12. How many times does it tell us in the bible to not worry and grumble and want for things of other people but to know He is with you and has a perfect plan for you. Besides the fact that being down and negative isnt very productive and usually attracts more negative stuff. Being happy all the time is some times work but it is worth the effort.

  13. I feel we are ALL lucky to have you as our friend and role-model! Thanks for all you do, and we love your positive attitude and energy!

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