Catch up~ Shine in 49: Day 28

Hi Ya!! So…I just wanted to catch you up a bit on some to the fun I’ve been having.

On Friday I got a facial, FINALLY!  Thank you miss Jennifer Yount 🙂 …. I am so MEAN to my skin it’s insane– so I needed to give it some LOVE! Here’s a pic I took afterward 🙂


Then, that night I got all dolled up with “Ferrah” hair to pick up my man from the airport. He’d been working hard all week in Florida– Here’s a pic I took then:


Then yesterday I was super stoked to brush hog– Yep I am a farmer at heart!!

Here’s a pic I took on my tractor:


Some of the other stuff I’ve been doing is messing around with my videos on you tube- I am still trying to figure out how my mac works.  I did manage to upload a few new videos here’s a couple for you that you may find helpful when it comes to SQUATTING form.

Front view…notice how much abs engage when squatting– great squatting= great abs!!


Last week’s recap:

M- Run hills 6 + 4 100M sprints afterward
T-Full Body Lifting @ gym with Gunner
W- Tennis with Gunner; 20 mins upright bike intervals
Th- Run hills with Layla 5 plus pulled cart up hill at end
F- full body lifting with extra squats and an upright bike interval workout for 20 mins
Sa- Short ab wheel+shoulder circuit
Su- PLAN: run 3 miles

Next week’s POA:
M-Full body lifting
T- Run hills + sprints
W- Full body lifting
Th-Run intervals
F- Full body lifting
Sa- run
Sun- short little lifting workout for about 11 mins- for biceps

I’m ready for week #5 in our Shine in 49 to get under way!! Can you believe we only have 3 more weeks??  We can do A LOT in that time!! Focus, Focus!!

Love ya’s,




5 Replies to “Catch up~ Shine in 49: Day 28

  1. thanks for the videos those will be great for reference. I have a question though….. Where do you get you work out gear, especially you workout top in the video?

  2. Thank you for all your help. Quick question….when do you do a full body workout compared to the individual muscle groups?

  3. My POA this week is to really up the intensity of my workouts and reslly streamline my diet even more.

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