Value your Muscle!! ~Shine in 49: Day27

Value Yourself and Your Muscle

What does it all boil down to? Valuing our health vs. Neglecting it: As women we seem to often times be selfless, giving, giving, giving… often times forgetting that we need to take care of ourselves, so that we can continue to bless those we love.

I am a prime example of this as a mother neglecting myself was a BAD HABIT. My eating, my dietary needs and my workouts used to have to fit in as an extra around the rest of my life. Only when I changed the value I put on my heath did I realize my true potential in life.

A big part of the process to learn to value my health, was for me learning to value my muscle mass. For years I had taken my metabolism and figure for granted… that is until it was GONE!! I realized muscle, was the key to so many aspects of my well being. Without it I was fat, tired, weak, less attractive… but with it I am lean, energetic, strong, and confident!

Now I hold my muscle in high regard and feed it what it needs so it won’t wither away. A key supplement that I have fallen in love with is L-Glutamine. I use it after my workouts to supply my muscles with this very essential building block of my body.

I also recommend it to all of my clients and hear rave reviews about its positive effects.

Here are just some of them:

  • Decreased muscle soreness – actually in some cases eliminating soreness all together
  • Increased stamina, leading to more frequent and intense workouts
  • Increased strength gains – this is key for all of us trying to rebuild our metabolism
  • Phenomenal hair and nail growth- what a nice bonus!!

Key points to keep in mind about L-glutamine:

  1. L-glutamine is great at preventing muscle loss when we are in a fasted state- so the best times to take it are immediately after a workout, before bed and immediately upon waking in the morning— SAVE that muscle you’ve worked so hard to get.
  2. In order to see results 5g once a day is all that is essential…if for instance you are extra sore from an intense workout—go ahead and take more…up to 15g a day.
  3. Also know that l-glutamine is in most every protein source also, so taking a supplement is not 100% necessary, but if you are like me and not always perfect at my diet…you should consider taking it.
  4. Your body requires more water to process any extra amino acids in your body. L-glutamine is the most prevalent amino acid in your body and if you take extra you will need to drink more water. Also note that it may cause you to retain a little more water than usual (1-2 pounds). So be aware that if you feel bloated or puffy the l-glutamine could be causing slight water retention—the best way to prevent the bloat is to drink a ton of water (1-2 gallons daily

I’d love to chat with you more about how much I love L-glutamine!! You are more than welcome to join me in the Rally Room (the best women’s only support group on the web)—we talk frequently about supplements and offer tons of advice about utilizing them for optimal effects.

It works if you work it~
Michelle Berger



20 Replies to “Value your Muscle!! ~Shine in 49: Day27

  1. Very true . . . we so need to take care of ourselves. It’s not selfish to care about ourselves; if we take time for us, we’re better wives, sisters/ friends, and mommies! Great info! Have always been curious about L-glutamine . . .

  2. I can say I DO value my muscle. Since my injury and since I lost the muscle tone and shape in my left leg, I have come to realize I love my big calves! The concept of taking care of yourself in order to be there to take care of your children and family is the same idea we use in emergency services…practice scene safety, be aware of your surroundings, and never put yourself in a dangerous situation because you are of no help to anyone else if you are injured or dead. We have to always remember that taking care of ourselves is not being greedy. I, for the longest time, would not do anything for myself or buy anything for myself because I felt I was taking away from my kids and my family. I have come to realize over the years that act did not make me happy. It actually made me miserable because I was neglecting myself physically and emotionally. Going to the tanning bed, getting your hair or nails done, shopping (if you enjoy it), etc. are all ways we can take care of our emotional needs and eating healthy and exercising daily are the best ways we can take care of ourselves physically. Thanks Michelle! I so needed to read this one today.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how fast we can lose muscle when injured!! I find it amazing~
    don’t let guilt feed you a lie that you shouldn’t take the time to take care of yourself anymore!!! LOVE YA girl!!!

  4. Jacy, thank you for the awesome comment!! I am glad you pushed past your fear and got after challenging your body!!

  5. First, Michelle Thank you for this site! I don’t comment very often but come to it every morning. Its been a great source of information, inspirational and motivating. I had done some wt lifting in my life but girls were suppose to be skinny not buff and it frightened me, I’m naturally small but stocky. It was my job that prompted me to start and being older and more confident in who I am. I’ve realized that my build can have so much potential for being BUFF. Everyday is a challenge to conquer my eating habits and break threw my own barriers. I was always scared to lift heavy with my legs and yesterday I decided I was only going to get the look I want by lifting heavy. I DID it and it felt good! Thank you for helping to change women’s fitness!

  6. Nope, 5grams is needed to get good muscle sparing benefits. The buffing pill just has just enough to help with immunity a bit.

  7. Hi Michelle Hitting the exercise path today for the first time since my surgery. Been neglecting my vitamin regime but getting back to it today too. Starting off with a multi vit again and add others again slowly. Today is my day to take time for me to that I can be a better friend, wife, mum, sister etc.

  8. Didnt get the email link again today..
    However I did my fasted cardio this morning. Having a nice dinner with my sister and her husband and thankfully my husband is off work tonight so I get some time with him too!
    My supplementation regimen is a multi, calcium, fish oil and HT pill everyday.

  9. Is there enough L-Glut. in the HT Pills that it is not necessary for an additional L-Glut. supplement??

  10. Ah I see! Thanks for clearing that up. I had been taking an L-Glutamine supplement but then I noticed it was in my HT Pills so I was curious!

  11. Great info ! I will have to try it. And what a great waty of looking at staying in shape…caring for the gift God gave us and not loosing muscle.

  12. Muscle and metabolism are both hard for me to grasp. I have never really had the muscle but the metabolism I did take for granted when I was skinny and could eat anything but I wasn’t an attractive skinny. I too fit myself in all ways into “extra” time and go figure there rarely is any. I am slowing changing this and making time for me and is better for my family that I do.

  13. Thanks for the information on L-Glutamine. I’ve thought all along that I was getting enough in my Pre-Workout Supplement (N.O. Explode) and my drink of Amino Acids (BCAA’s)each day. I keep reading about L-Glutamine and see that many people with great results take this supplement. I’ll consider ordering it the next time I need some vitamins. Thanks, again!

  14. I woke up feeling, almost buff!
    I have been taking my workouts way more seriously the past month and now seeing the results!
    I am stronger, tighter and feel leaner. While the scale has only went down a pound, the way I am feeling is so worth it! I actually feel more confident!
    how is it that I knew all along I would feel this way, but neglected it anyway?
    Thanks for keeping us accountable!

  15. I think it’s comment from last year but really appreciate Crystal
    Illuminating what it means to take care of yourself so u can take care of others:-)

    I’m a little wary if supplements as I’m have food intolerance to tyramine? Would L Glutamine be in same ‘family’.

    Thanks, am feeling the vacuums starting to make progress!

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