Branded~ Shine in 49: Day 23

Today our 23rd day of contest and I’m hitting it harder than ever!! Hope you are on fire too!

I was reading part of a book by the preacher T.D. Jakes this morning. It was the first time I’ve ever read anything of his. He seems to be a good writer…He wrote about that we should all “BRAND” ourselves. Similar to how Oprah has branded herself. When we hear the name Oprah~ we know what kind of quality she stands for and we expect that something with her name on it should be a certain way. Each of us should be able to name at least 3 things that are the qualities of our personal BRAND. For instance this would be and example mine:

“Hi, I am Michelle Berger….my mission is to help women by giving them hope to persue their dream body, life and legacy! My method is to lead by example in my own life, showing love to others and giving encouragement to women who God brings into my life.”

Another example of a brand is how NARNIA branded their movies with a beautiful LION~ As depicted in this picture.

Have you ever thought about what your brand is? or what you want your brand to BE?

Yesterday we (hubby and I) lifted CHEST~
here’s how that went:
6 min r-bike

one set push ups (15reps)
135×6 (help with 2)
145×4 (help with 2)
155×4 (help with 4)
135×5 (help with 3)


Cable flys (one arm at a time)

Bench dips
3 sets to fail

knee ups
2 sets of 15

I cooked a chicken for dinner~ it was good and will have some of that meat for eats today!
I’m CERTAIN that people are watching you,
What are you advertising?
I want to advertise glorious shining confidence!!

Think about it,





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  1. I would like mine to be the Proverbs 31 mother. Good wife, mother, etc. Christlike. And a hot body wouldn’t hurt either!

  2. I hope that when people think of me they think integrity, fit, respectful, thoughtful..seeing others not just my own agenda which i think has become an epidemic; strong and loving mother. I hope i inspire women to be more fit and that i also encourage people to stand for what they believe in and see how we are all connected. Its not just about me.

  3. I would like to be seen as strong, faithfull to God, family [especially a great mother and wife] and country. Also as a person with overall mental,physical and spiritual health. It wouldn’t hurt to look nice also 😉

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