My mental limits- Shine in 49: Day 17

The power of our mind, constantly amazes me~

I pride myself on being a person who continually strives to challenge myself…but my husband pointed out to me today that I was NOT.

I had a glaring “Mental Limit” that was interfering with my workout. I love benching and have always dreamed of benching “plates” (135#)…. For many years I had been trying to get to the point to where I could. Well, I reached my goal about 3-4 months ago. I HAVE been able to bench and do several reps at 135#. Since reaching this “milestone” I have not once though about even attempting to lift any more than that. I had “set the bar” at plates and put a mental limit on myself!
Well…next time I bench I WILL try to lift MORE~!! AND I am going to keep in mind how easy it is for us to place mental limits on ourselves.
I need to stop thinking and saying “can’t”……. But instead say “let me try”!!!

YOUR workout for today is to make up any missed workouts from this week~

Here is the workout I did today:
Warm up
r-bike 10 mins
chest press: for warm up

Bench press
135×4+2 with assistance
135×4+2 with assistance

Incline Bench- Hammer Strength Machine
90x10x3 sets

Old School Sit ups between sets – 2 sets

Hammer Strength flat wide bench

then I realized we only had 25 mins left for childcare and decided to RUN

Treddy incline at 3%
Walk 2 mins @4
run @6 (easy)
3- 1 min intervals at 8mph- easy mins at 6
4- 1 min intervals at 9mph- easy mins at 7
1- interval at 10
then 3 more mins of running between 7-8.4mph

It was a good one!!
Have a nice day~

p.s. Here’s a video of “how to bench press”



27 Replies to “My mental limits- Shine in 49: Day 17

  1. Conference call was great Michelle! very helpful information. Off to my upper body workout. Love this day!

  2. Today was a great day! bummed I had to miss the conference call (kids dr appt). I have done every workout haven’t commented since last week so that is my goal now. To make sure I make a comment.

  3. I love how you go to the gym and just do it. I am so hung up (one of my limitations) on all or nothing. Something is better than nothing has got to be my new mindset. Also another limitation i put on myself if what others may think of me. I am at a place where I do look good. I am not where I want to be yet! If I want to look like a figure pro I have a ways to go. Now here is my limitation. People in my life (who are not as fit as I already am) tell me “you better not loose anymore weight” “if you loose more weight you are becoming obsessed” on and on! So there’s my limitation and do look good and other will think I am crazy if I become more
    Buff. Tell me they are wrong! My deepest dream is to look like Michelle Berger, Jamie Eason or any other women that graces the cover of oxygen. I am so close i can taste it so why am I holding myself back. It is so frustrating!
    Acknowledging somethingnis the first step to change. So thank you Michelle for bringing up self limitations. I pray this is the moment I power through the mountain in my path, MYSELF!!

  4. How interesting that today’s topic is about going beyond your limits. I just happen to decide this morning that I was going to try and use a different set of weights for my upper body workout, see if I could challenge myself a bit. I did it! It was hard, I was shaking and grunting but I did it! Thanks for inspiring us daily Michelle!

  5. Rocked the circuit and intervals today. I’m spent! Now I get to burn more calories keeping up with our kids in the gorgeous weather. : ) My limitation is in my own head, too. I question whether I’ll REALLY be able to get my BF percent as low as I’d like or will ever get the body I want and find my abs. I’m working on visualization and the truth hammer. : ) I WILL get there with God’s help. I have faith and need to banish the lingering doubt. Thanks for posting about this, Michelle.

  6. My goal is ABS! I have never really had a flat belly and I want ABS. Im determined. Now if I could just kick this bug…
    The conference call was a big booster for me tho! Thank you!

  7. Travelling today but got up early to get in intervals & abs. My focus/goal is to more definition on my thighs, be discriminating against refined carbs and loose more tummy fat. I’ve never had trouble with my abs until after birthing my children. I am finding it more challenging then ever . . Great timing on becoming aware of limitations – thanks Michelle!

  8. I’ve been trying to push past the limits that I have put on myself. It is a daily mental struggle for me. I had a good workout this morning & focused on increasing weight and harder intervals.

  9. HI everyone! I made it to the first part of the conference call then a friend called repeatedly so I took the call … got bumped off. I’ll see if it works out next week. With 3 little kids around I used the mute option and it worked beautifully.
    Finished the workout a few minutes ago … feeling good and ALMOST to my weight loss goal already! Thanks, Michelle and everyone for the encouragement.

  10. How do you make yourself just do it when life gets in the way? you know dirty dishes kids programs cleaning painting your house helping at school work. I am in one of those ruts. I guess a focused person would just exercise within any free time the could fine. Men are much better at focus they can walk right past a mess in the house and out the door to their career or baseball practice whatever….. lol

  11. The mind truly is a deal maker or a deal breaker. My best friend told me I have 2 choices in everything either yes or no but when the mind tells you it won’t do any good whatever the goal one tends to say no too much. I want to at least know I tried and tried again and again if that’s what it takes.

  12. I like that approach! 2 choices- YES OR NO…kinda like the Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man” have you seen it?

  13. I was scrolling through posts and read this one. I want to say I am totally where Elizabeth is… Im not as fit as I would like to be. I have a layer of fat covering the muscle. But to others Im not big nor do I want to be sick skinny I want to be buff. I have pictures of Jamie Eason and Michelle posted in my weight room to remind me of my goal. Just like Elizabeth other people say I do not need to lose weight and they are afraid of me becoming cut and buff. Women like Jamie and Michelle still look like women they remind me of what we can accomplish with our bodies but I feel stuck. How do you combat that?

  14. just keep striving to be EXTRA-ORDINARY…nothing wrong with wanting to be your best! if others don’t understand that, don’t bother sharing your dreams with them…find others who have similar goals- that’ why I love my friends in the Rally Room…each woman in there is striving to be her best!!

  15. I don’t exercises with any “free” time…I don’t have free time. I prioritize to where my workout is on the TOP of my TO DO list! You must make it a focus and realize it’s importance~ If I don’t get it done the rest of my life doesn’t work.

  16. pushing thorough in HARD times is what separates you from the pack! you can make it through~ i know it!! *HUGS*

  17. Sometimes we have to re-evaluate our goals. Celebrate when we reach them, then once they are reached we have to see where we want to go next–never quit!

  18. wow that is awesome that you can bench that much. I cant wait for that day!! I recently just did 90 with a little assistance from my trainer/husband. He pushes me past what I think I can do. I cant wait to get past the 100 mark! After the 90 pounds, he had me doing a drop set on bench. OMG! I dont think my triceps hurt like that in a long time!!! This is a great instance where positive thinking is everything. If you think you can do it…you really can!!! Cant wait for chest day tomorrow!!!

  19. Goal setting has to become a habbit that you do everyday for the little things you need to accomplish and then re-evaluating the bigger or long term goals several tims a year. it is easy to get lazy and use excuses but if you take time to set goals and look at yourself closely in regards to your goals you can see where the “leaks” are so to speak…and continue to improve personally. God or spirituality always needs to be an active part of this for me. It helps keep me centered.

  20. Good point. I am so much better mentally and energy wise when i workout and eat right. thanks!

  21. For me, it’s all in my head. I will fight through injury, fatique, you name it. Almost nothing physical will keep me down. But if my “head space” isn’t right, I head for my bed with the shades drawn (with a quick pitstop to the pantry first). That’s what I am struggling with right now. My family is dealing with (yet another) crisis and it is difficult to really “care’ about myself right now. I missed an entire week at the gym last week, that is huge for me. I am back this week, but it is tough. Every day is a struggle, but I’ll get myself there again tonight if it kills me!!

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