Shine in 49: Day 16


It’s Day 16 and time for LEGS once again–We switched up workouts this week
to a more traditional lifting routine.  Be sure to REST between sets for at least a minute and maybe even 2 in order to lift heavy.



MAKE  every rep COUNT!!

Well,  Yesterday, my 12th day of “Shine in 49” was a great one!!…my brain is finally working and I am motivation is HIGH. According to my hormonal cycle it’s time to BUFF my body!!! I am going to keep taking creatine through this buffing phase~ but the last 2 weeks of this contest I’ll cut it out, so that I can lose the tiny bit of water retention from it!

I also got to spend some time relaxing outside- I love some sunshine!!
It was a GOOD DAY!!

Your friend,


p.s. One of my favorite moves for the booty is what I call the BUTT SQUAT~



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  1. HI! The KING of leg exercises is the Squat so you are going to work your booty the most with SQUATS– these smith squats are Auxiliary (meaning “extra”) for really focusing in glutes- the SQUEEZE and angles gives that booty a bit extra attention- getting a similar mental focus during your squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc…will help your booty too!!

  2. Just what I need the MOST work on–My BUTT! Thanks for the great exercise recommendations. I have a home gym so I won’t be able to utilize a machine, but I’ll come up with something similar. I like to see the use of the board to make the focus on the heels/butt. Also, making sure I squat low with feet apart. This along with the 100-lunges each day should help get my booty in shape!

  3. Great workout. I have done those same liftsexercises but not as low and not with the board under my toes. i will have to try that. my booty can use a little lift. lol off to workout before kids are up.

  4. I’m so excited to train legs today. Do you have any suggestions for butt moves if a person doesn’t have access to a Smith machine. I have a 8×8 squat rack. Thanks and have a blessed day 🙂

  5. Hi Michelle – thanks so much for all the work and preparation you put into your business, seems like I’ve watched you grow for about 3 or 4 years now…
    These blog posts will stay up, right – so I can refer back here at a later time? I want to do the Shine in 49 but its going to have to be 49 “other” days as I had an accident last week and won’t be working out (really) for awhile I think. boo!! Basically all I can do right now is stretch and walk, but I still have high hopes for this summer and looking decent. Thanks

  6. Hey Michelle, me again, thanks for answering my question earlier today on the fb comments section. 🙂 Another question, the 100 lunges a day challange has me confused. I thought we were supposed to rest the next day the body parts we worked on that paticular day?
    Thanks a bunch!

  7. I was so excited about the new challenge. Started of great the first few days and then ciatica flared up. I haven’t been working out for the last two weeks and can’t wait to start again. Almost there. Will have to take beginning pics again this week as my booty has fallen due to the lack of workouts. Hope everyone is doing well so far. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to join in again.

  8. Doing 100 lunges is more like a bit of “cardio”/stretching but I wouldn’t consider it an entire “leg workout” to where you need to rest 2 days prior to workin those muscles again. Also, in lifting “rules” are not set in stone– they can be broken from time to time in order to shake up the routine and challenge your body to new heights. There are even workout programs out there where it is recommended to lift the same muscles every day! Normally I do agree it’s best to give your body parts a couple days rest between heavy lifting workouts and it’s a good general rule to go by. But that’s why this is a “challenge” both mentally and physically!!

  9. Yes! I’ll be offering the challenge again~ not sure in what form. But the posts will stay up on my blog, just like they have for years 🙂

  10. take care of that nerve– you’ll be back to your best in no time!! Glad you are with us in the contest!!!

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