Practice Makes Perfect!! ~ Shine in 49: Day 13


Practice makes perfect~

I was just thinking today how little I knew when I first started lifting, I was so uncoordinated and weak…I was just BAD at most lifts, exercises, drills, etc- it was so HARD!!  But with PRACTICE those same “hard” things I do EASILY now.
I mention this because many women in our current Shine in 49 contest ARE Beginners… For the “beginners” out there remember ~ “practice DOES make perfect”.

The same thought came to mind when I read an e-mail recently sent to me about my “heavy” lifting…for some reason she assumed I’ve always been that strong and that if she wasn’t able to lift those same weights she wouldn’t get results.

Ladies trust me, I was VERY, VERY weak when I first started lifting consistently 7 years ago…I was SCRAWNY with no muscle tone yet VERY afraid I’d get bulky still! AND when I started I did get results lifting lighter weights than I am now– the Difference is that those weights CHALLENGED me then, but now they don’t….So in order to maintain or improve my results I have to keep lifting the weights that actually challenge me.

IT IS ALL RELATIVE!  Just remember Challenge= Change…as long as you are challenging your body it will change!

My life is absolutely amazing right now~ VERY busy, but I LOVE IT!! I thrive when I am busy doing what I love!! Love
AND I am getting my workouts done– NO EXCUSES!!! The yay yippee guy

Last night I did legs and today I was rewarded with a sore booty!!!
I am weighing 127 at the moment~ and expect that for my birthday next month , I’ll be 125 smile

Gotta GO~ but just remember…Keep Practicing you CAN Be PERFECT!!



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  1. This is such a mind control for me in that I have to stop the enemy from trying to convince me to compare myself to others. You are right it all takes practice and all I can do is keep at it and be the best me and I do notice improvements in my movements and my breathing which is a big deal to me to not get so winded when I do regular exercises.

  2. I’m so looking forward to this routine again today. Although I’ve been lifting off and on for years and much more seriously the past two years, this routine gave me a nice sore backside last week. I just love being sore! I’m super excited because I’m really seeing some changes now. I’m eating very clean and my belly is getting tighter and I think I might even see the very faint outline of a six pack! I’m at 130 (still on creatine, too) but I hope to break under that for the first time in years within the next week. I’m trying not to be a slave to the scale because I KNOW I have a lot of muscle now. Thank you SO much for your daily email of encouragement. I look forward to it every morning and it really helps. I’m actually excited for bikini season for the first time probably ever!

  3. Starting my day with a PMA, and my POA has been set! Thanks for the encouragement and reminders, Michelle. For those of us who have a long journey ahead these little tips and reminders really help to keep our energy and motivation up. Thanks for all you do! 🙂

    Belief & Blessings!

  4. Yay for the Sore BOOTY!! I should feel that tomorrow I am certain!! Tuesday is gonna be amazing all around!!

  5. Good workout. Lifted heavier. Sore already.
    Eating more protein. Being thankful for the ability to work out.

  6. planning this workout for tomorrow. I am focusing on drinking water and increasing protein intake

  7. Day 9 done – gr8t advice Michelle. I ordered your hormonal timing book and am looking forward to it. Thanks for the motivation!

  8. I have never been into lifting weights, but your workouts have been a great way to break into a routine! Thanks for taking the time to put together such a great program! Had another great work out today.

  9. Hey there, finished before the clock struck midnight. Good day with the husband around. Had dinner with a group of friends and even managed to skip the dessert. Just kept reminding myself that no one was gonna make me eat it … gotta be stubborn :).

  10. Great message Michelle. I will be 47 a week from Friday and I will do 47 pushups to celebrate.
    And then maybe a little treat meal too.

    I am so happy to have this challenge to ring in another year being fit and Sizzlin’…or

  11. Practice makes perfect, or close, is an awesome message! Looking forward to my leg workout today, woot! woot! Missed yesterday so will w/o tomorrow. Busy, busy time of year w/end of year school stuff, but carving out the time for working out, and deciding to eat/drink healthy makes everything else easier, really. Thanks!

  12. glad that I’m not the only one that’s sore today. I was leaving the hotel and going down the stairs and it was like ‘oh, ouch” LOL!! But I expect in a few weeks it’ll get bettter and better and by this time next year… Practice makes perfect!!

  13. I forgot to post…not work out. Missed my traditional leg workout due to a 20 mile bike ride….still feel like my legs got a beating!

  14. I’m just thinking about the Romain Chair Knee-UPs. When I first started working out I loved these excercises, but I had trouble completing 20 of them. Now I complete 50 at a time, usually 3 sets. Practice does get you where you want to be and then some…
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  15. I too love the emails and encouragement. I’m so proud that I have not missed a workout. I’ve had to move some around to fit into these busy days, but I didn’t quit. This is huge for me. I lifted weights when I was in my late teens and early 20’s and was in the best shape of my life. It has been sporadic at best since then. I’m loving it. Hubby is in Afghanistan and I want to be HOT when he .returns. Thank you for all of the encouragement.

  16. I need more practice saying “no” to food and “yes” to lifting. Considering dropping out of bootcamp because it’s taking a toll on my body 3 days a week, full body and I can’t seem to focus on lifting weights and just running which is what I really want to be doing. Decisions, decisions.
    Beautiful, sunny day here in NJ – going out to enjoy it with my boys.

  17. I have practice letting go of the guilt of taking time for me to achieve my goals which are great fitness and increased knowledge. i am off to practice making fitness a habbit. working out at home weights and interval work. i too have a goal of reaching my ideal weight and body by my birthday which is also next month. 39 days left! I can do it:-)!!!”””

  18. I am actually very proud of myself. I have been making no excuses to not exercise and also making good food choices!

  19. Checking in…work out done. I could use less Bread in my diet. That will be the plan for the next 5 weeks. Time flies!

  20. All week I was great without bread…and of course I totally forgot about it today and had a sandwich. But I’m back on the wagon again tomorrow!!! Thank you for all your advise!

  21. you are so right! those used to be so hard for me now the are like second nature!

  22. way to go on keeping up the workouts!!You are going to be so hot for your hubby!!

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