Take the Challenge TUESDAY!! ~ Shine in 49: day 9

HI!! Each Tuesday of our Contest I’ll be issuing a weekly “Mini-Challenge”…This week’s Week #2 MINI CHALLENGE- Eliminate BREAD from your diet this week…

NO BREAD simply means what YOU think NO BREAD means, lol! I want you to choose your own definition but in general terms~

Bread= any baked grain product made with yeast

The goal of this challenge is to make you aware of that there are MANY other great
carb choices besides bread to choose from. Rice, beans, sweet potatoes, etc…

Take this challenge as a prompting to
explore other alternatives to bread for your carbs. I personally LOVE fruit for
carbs. Also life without “bread” helps me to keep my gluten and yeast intake at a
minimum~ which in turns helps eliminate bloat for many people.

REMEMBER! Don’t get too technical…
just KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)!!!

If you want to take the challenge up a notch~

One step further- eliminate all grains except for rice and oats from your diet.

If you wan to go even further- eliminate all grains from your diet

Personally, I don’t eat much bread anymore. I have found other better sources
for carbs than grains. My tummy is much happier when I limit the amount of gluten
I eat. For this week I plan to eliminate all grains from my diet including rice.

Have fun with this challenge and embrace it as a human experiment!!

Your fellow competitor,
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4 Replies to “Take the Challenge TUESDAY!! ~ Shine in 49: day 9

  1. cool to hear you are learning so much!! limit those fast foods! đŸ™‚

  2. Will do the mini challenge as I have already been trying! I never realized how much fast food affects your body! Yesterday my schedule got messed up and I had to eat on the run, I grabbed a burger and fries and today I can see it!! Here is to a great week 2.

  3. Started the challenge this week. Started taking areally tough bootcamp! Total boy stuff!!! My muscles are really challenged.

    Planning on cleaning up my diet. Will try the no bread. It is hard when you are on the go and busy. Easier to grab a sandwich than plan it out.

    Love the new website!

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