STARTING stats- Day 2~ “Shine in 49”

Starting STAT and PICTURES- “Shine in 49” Week #1:  Mini-Challenge

This week’s MINI-challenge is to
#1 Realize where you are AT- Physically and Emotionally and
#2- DECIDE that You want to be your BEST! then go for it!!!!

Here are the starting measurements pics and stats that will mark the BEGINNING of your  49 Days to SHINE!!!

Today’s Date:_________
height:_____________ weight:___________ age:_______
**Start of your last period date:__________
Length of last 2 monthly cycles (average is 28 days):
Today’s day in your monthly cycle (c-date)-

Please list the following measurements:
Bust (around the biggest part, women only):
Chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides):
Waist (the smallest part):
Hips (the largest part of your butt):
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides):
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm):
Thigh (8” above Knee cap):
Thigh (12” above Knee cap):
Calf (7” below knee joint):

PHOTOS- I need you to take the following photos all full body a light background is best:
1. straight on,
2. behind w/arms at sides,
3. behind with arms up flexing biceps and
4. from the side.
*You can do them both relaxed and flexed. Have fun and SMILE.

OPTIONAL- Caliper measurements (*these are the ones I like to track on myself and use to calculate my body fat, for further info on body fat measurements here is a link

NOTE~ this is a super detailed STAT list…I like taking a ton because I don’t change much at this point

If you’d like to print this- please download and print the final entry form:

Shine in 49 ENTRY FORM

Here’s short video I took (for a previous contest) about taking your measurements:

And here are a couple more super detailed videos about taking stats and pictures (these are from my private video coaching area)
Part 2- taking STATS :measurements and body fat calipers

Part 3- How to take your photos demonstration:



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