NEW CONTEST– “Shine in 49!” days with TEAM BuffMother!!

“Shine in 49”

Our New 7 week contest…officially starts APRIL 23rd


  • 7  weeks of intense focus on getting you fit, buff, hot and just plain SHINING for Summer!!

  • 49 days of email support from Michelle Berger, founder of

  • Daily features include: articles, videos, exercise plans and inspirational success stories.

  • GROUP Conference calls each Thursday at Noon (central time)

  • Additional encouragement and support will be a click away in

  • Open to every WOMAN to join, please INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!

  • Prizes will be given away for ALL final entrants

Join us, what do you have to lose except for some FAT?

Let’s SHINE in just 49 Days!!

Your friend,
Michelle Berger



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19 Replies to “NEW CONTEST– “Shine in 49!” days with TEAM BuffMother!!

  1. HI! no before photo submission is needed for this contest but you will need to take before pics!! At the END of the 7 weeks you’ll email them with your final entry.
    I’ll give instructions next week, plus tons of other info!!
    Glad you are excited and on board with us!!
    Your gonna rock it!!

  2. Just checking to make sure I’m signed up? I was “helping” when you were trying to get it to work last week. Didn’t want the contest to start without me! 😉 Thanks!

  3. Michelle,
    You have already helped me in the last few months so much in getting my motivation back and getting back in shape. I look forward to 49 more days to see where you will take me next! I’m so excited about the possibilities! THANKS!

  4. I am a day late – can I still join? Super duper motivated and that is exactly the date count until I have to don a bathing suit and head to Costa Rica.

  5. you send them in at the end…hold on to them for now OR
    For extra accountability please post your stats and photos in either the or

    in our TEAM BUFFMOTHER facebook group


    — that way they are a bit private 🙂

  6. Yes!! Late comers are very welcome to join!! WE’ll just call your contest shine in 48 instead, lol!

  7. Day three and I’m not sore yet….that tells me I need to push a little harder!!
    Taking my “before” pictures tonight….will be stepping out of my comfort zone for that!!

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