New Contest!!

The NEW Team BuffMother contest will be starting on April 23rd….  The main place that the contest info will be promoted is on my blog on I’ll be sending out more info this week- I’ve decided it will be a 7 week contest– The first week will be about “getting ready” and the remaining 6 will be all about kicking tail!!

Any ideas on what to call it??

Yesterday was great…I spent the whole day with my Buddy TRAVIS!! I got dolled up– Here’s a couple pics:

and then We went shopping (for him), had a steak lunch and then come home to build a fire.

Travis started the fire with his “Flame Thrower”

I didn’t get my run in but, “C’est la vie!!”…I was happy to skip it to spend time with my love!

The kids are STOKED for EASTER tomorrow– and I am too…just have to go buy the basket stuffers today.

It’s rainy here–which is fine, cuz I have work to complete on the computer– so I’ll see you later!!

Have a Wonderful Easter EVE!





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