Seasons….Spring is here!

It’s interesting how life progresses….It’s always a battle to stay balanced through each “SEASON”.  Weather seasons last just 3 months but life seasons last odd amounts of time and seem to change without warning–I’m not sure I like that?  My life seasons seem to last anywhere from 1 to 3 years–and most certainly contain some “Indian summers” within each one, lol!!

Most recently in 2011 I went through a season of Transition– (spring) Prior to that in 2009-2010 I went through a season of change, rest and challenge–(fall/winter). Previous to that in 2005-2008 I went through an excited, dream filled,  productive, growth,  season… (summer) And previous to that, well….I can’t remember!  I was in the throws of FULL-ON MOTHERHOOD, lol!! 2001-2004 were my crazy busy momma years!  (fall/winter)

Looking forward…It only makes sense that it’s time to revisit the  “Excited Dream Filled Productive Growing Season”, another SUMMER of my life!!  …BUT FIRST I must go through a SPRING….

Spring time is about Planting, prepping, preparing, fertilizing, pollinating, WORKING!  It’s about laying the foundation for a productive GROWTH season– It’s about putting in the work needed to make harvest time plentiful!

What to do I need to do in EACH area of my personhoood to have the best spring possible??

Mind– DREAM about each seed planted…PLAN for the outcome I desire…PREPARE with a mindset that will allow no other outcome than success…Stay positive throughout any challenges that could through my harvest plans off target…Take a flexible, yet diligent mindset to every task at hand.

Body– work it, feed it, rest it properly so that each day will be productive…Once harvest time comes I want to have the physical energy to enjoy it!  I am living for the long haul…I won’t overtax my system and over burden myself– I will slow down the pace enough to smell the flowers! Each day will be a physical triumph– my body was made for the labor in  front of me this SPRING and each season to come!!

Spirit– I will press into the deep reason behind my existence– what is my purpose?  What is the ULTIMATE GOAL of my labors? I am meant to love and show love to others.  Every thought in my mind and each physical act should reflect the love I have been given by GOD for others.  I can’t control if others accept that love, but I can live through that SPIRIT!

A HUGE part of my season right now is teaching my children.  My 12 year old son and my 10 & 9 year old daughters need my guidance, instruction and TIME!  When they were younger I was FORCED to give them time…now it’s more MY CHOICE.  I need to be ON PURPOSE about investing in them…I need to be self sacrificing and self less enough to realize this “SEASON” is a SPRING TIME in their life.  What they learn NOW will reap a harvest later in my children’s life– it want it to be a GOOD harvest!

Teaching them about responsibility, pressing into their talents, working hard, finishing jobs, being a good friend, about their bodies, about the world, etc…It’s my job, not the TV’s or their friends or their school teacher’s….The JOB is mine!  Time to PLANT within them the seeds of Success!!

MY life is not only about my kids, nor do I think It’d be healthy if it was just about them.  I look at my life in quadrants– Like a pie– 1/4 of it is about partner in life to my husband!  EVERY portion of the PIE is owned by my GOD…He’s the ruler over each piece.  I have 100% confident that HE is good and will guide me the wisdom I need for each area of my life.

The tricky part of each season is to practice that wisdom and show to stay properly balanced in each area of life without staying “static” or just maintaining.  The goal is to continually GROW weather it be Spring, Summer, Fall or even Winter!  I’m thankful that I am in a “Spring” of my life…it’ll make it that much easier to grow, enjoy, dream and produce!!  I love it…SPRING IS HERE!!

Have you thought about what “season” of life you are in?  Rest assured that what you do today will affect the length and outcome of not only this season, but those to come.  I pray that no matter where you are at, you will press into being your best!!  Keep BELIEVING that you can attain your DREAMS!!

Love, Michelle



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