March “Team BuffMother” News

Hi all!! I expect many of you are enjoying “Spring Break” with your kids during this month.  I am headed into Spring Break next week…so I thought I’d take some time while I have it to give you some news!!

  • Last week we finished up our “21 day Kick the Habit” contest- I have gathered the entries and will be announcing the winners later this week.  Each winner will get a FREE Long Sleved “BuffMother!” t-shirt. Perfect workout wear for your “warm up” time at the gym or your chilly morning cardio! If you missed the contest, don’t fret…I’ll be publishing the 21 day program as a FREE downloadable e-book for all of TEAM BuffMother to be available this April.
  • We will be having a 10 week Team BuffMother contest staring at the beginning of April.  This year I’ll be sharing my private coaching videos with you as we go along through the 10 weeks.  It’s a ton of GREAT info and you’ll be continually inspired which will help you stay consistent through the 10 weeks!!  The winner will get a Miracle 8 training package with me– a $2000 Value!!
  • The updated website is almost complete!! My team of experts have been working hard toward making it fresh, new and pretty! The next update task will be our Rally Room.  Thanks for all your support and promotion of!! Without your commitment I couldn’t afford to keep investing into the site~ You ROCK!!
  • Team BuffMother is doing the Warrior Dash in Kansas City on May 5th…EVERYONE Is invited!! Our team wear is based upon LMFAO’s song “sexy and I know it”….I’ll be having tanks printed for all participants–but the rest of our outfit is up to you, some ideas include- wild animal print pants, headbands and gloves– white retro sunglasses, fishnet stockings for under your shorts- a crazy afro wig- some rapper bling, etc…Let’s have fun~ “I WORK OUT!”; “Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Yeah!”!!!
  • I am currently taking on new online training clients.  My most popular program is the 6 week Customized training package…details are below.  For more info feel free to email me directly at
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      6 week Custom Hormonal Timing Plan ebook abs


      6 Week Custom Hormonal Timing Plans: I’ll create a customized Hormonal Timing Diet, Exercise plan and supplementation program based on your hormonal cycle as well as hundreds of other variables. This is the best way to learn how to live a Hormonal Timing Lifestyle because I’ll design the program specifically for you. I’ll begin by learning every critical detail about you. Then, I’ll use this information to map out a very specific strategy so you can hit your personal goals as quickly as possible. I strongly suggest you start out with this 6 week program because I do all the work to figure out your specific diet as well as your exercise program according to your cycle, present state, your goals and the equipment you have access to. This means there is no guesswork on your part. Simply follow my directions as they are laid out specifically for you! It’s the fastest way to learn about Hormonal Timing. If you lack patience, like I do, you’ll want to get started quickly so you can see results as fast as possible! I promise to custom design a perfect Hormonal Timing POA made just for you. With me as your coach, failure is not an option!

      • We’ll start with an initial client fitness/diet questionnaire to assess you fitness and diet history • I will then do a complete questionaire and photo analysis to assess your current status and focus on the specific actions you need to attain you most beautiful physique. • I will provide you with a 6 week personalized workout plan to fit your hormones, current fitness level, specific needs (home or gym workouts) and goals. • I will also provide you with a customized 5-4-3-2-1 Diet™ and meal plan including supplement recommendations • I will be available to you via e-mail for initial program questions and will offer constant support throughout your program via the Rally Room. • Mental Strategies and tools will be incorporated to help you attain Belief, keep a positive mental attitude, live with a legacy perspective and keep positive momentum.

Let’s attack it this spring so that we can be Buff and Beautiful in our Bikini’s this summer!!

I am off to get some work done and then my WORK OUT!! I workout!!




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