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New month; New goals; NEW CONTEST!!

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Wed, 2012/02/01 – 9:22pm — BuffMother

February is here!! OMGoodness…where did January goal and how could I have practically failed to keep focus my new year’s resolutions– Time to attack them because there is only 11 months of the year left!

Some new goals I have for February are to get my Master Bedroom/Bath project under way– so today I met with a contractor and got some great input from him.  It’s going to be an amazing room!!

Another big happening for February is our contest- Its’ going to be short but intense!! All about kicking bad habits and forming new ones– The experts constantly preach it takes 21 days to form a habit.  So let’s do it!!

More info here~

“21 Day: KICK the HABIT”

And finally, my goal to organize my “office” in February is underway also– I’ve been working on organizing my computer files, planning my attack on the actual office space and I’m headed to Best Buy tomorrow in search of a COMPUTER!!

On the fitness front- I’ve had a couple of GREAT workout days- Yesterday was Legs/Abs and Today was Chest/Tris?Abs and a hard run outside:

Stretching and hip rotations between sets

Dead Lifts

45degree hack

Calf Raises
ABS between sets
Leg Extensions
Ab wheel
Ran 7mins for a cool down around the block

Today’s Chest highlights:
Bench- High set 125×7…no spotter, my son is not yet qualified LOL!
Tricep dips
Chest press
Tricep extensions
Cable flys
tricep push downs
Full extensions sit ups

Then I ran outside up the long hill again 2x’s another shorter hill once and did 3 short sprints to finish it off– I felt better than my last run on Saturday…I think I’m getting in better shape and that my body likes running in the evening way better than in the morning!!

Time to relax!


Mac Love

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Fri, 2012/02/03 – 5:26pm — BuffMother

I got my Mac!! A Mac book pro~ and now I’ve been setting it up along with organizing files to transfer all day!!  It’s fun to feel like I have a fresh start! I’m making progress towards getting organized~ whoohoo!!

I’ve also spent time prepping for our 21 day contest~ I’ve still got more work to get ready for it, but I’m VERY  excited for all the enthusiasm of the contestants.  I made it a Rally Room Contest for a reason– I want more posts, excitement and MOJO to be flowing in here! Facebook is a good way to connect, but with privacy issues, crazy men and the insane amount of MLM activiy there- it’s nice to have a place like the rally room to really connect with Freinds– I love my Rally Room becuause of my BuffSisters!! :bff:

I’ve been thinking a lot about what habits I need to quite and ones I’d like to establish during the 21 days– yesterday in the shower I had a super brain storming session about it, too bad I can’t remember them all now!

Anyhow, I’ll post more about that in coming days. For now- enjoy your weekend and the BIG SUPERBOWL party- for come Monday your life is going to change!!

I am ready for my new improved self!

Love ya,


New Contest- MB blog: “habits! ones to attian; ones to break”- day 0

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Sun, 2012/02/05 – 12:19pm — BuffMother

Today I’m thinking about the contest a bunch~
what habit do I hope to attain or BREAK during the 21 days?

Here’s a quick brainstorm list on some habits….


habits to attain:

take your supplements,  eat green veggies, eat raw foods, chew your food, eat fruits and veggies, eat your protein, eat nutritent dense foods, no dairy habit, no grains habit, no sugar, low carb, drink water, hygyne, take a shower first thing in the morning, put on make up, bi-weekly exfoliation, skin care routine, hair care- keep it well maintained and fixed, fashion- wear at least a few outfits that are trendy, shoe variety- don’t find yoursel wearing the same boring shoes daily, smile habit, say hello, be thankful, write it down, break your comfort zone, High priority- do things that are IMPORTANT vs. easy, make your bed habit, relaxation time habit, read something habit, document it habit, help others, stand more, walk more, show affetion (more hugs, kisses, pats on the back, etc), more focus- be a good listener, connect to your inner self, stretch more, lift weights more, get outside, try a new activity, learn about a new topic daily, study something of interest to you, organize something, be a sweetheart, being thrifty, being and encourager, being pro-active vs. reactive, being positive in everything, listening to truth vs. lies, being happy, be a good tipper

habits to break:

candy, ice cream, restuarant habit, over-caffination, dessert habit, atificial foods/sweetners, carbonation, alcohol, the excuse habit, unhealthy choice habit, mental sabotage habit, all or nothing habit, shower habit, cleaning habit, comfy clothes (forever lazy), unfriendly habit, over-eating habit, see it eat it habit, carboholic, undiciplined habit, lack of intensity, not finishing, social status habit, speeding, being late, too much texting, too much tv, too much internet, too much shopping, wasting time, too much sitting, too much noise, smoking, inactivity, unsocial, too social, dirty vehicle, approval addict, negative attitude, judgemental attitude, sarcasim, being brash/rude, drama queen, complaining, eating too much fat, eating too little protein, always on a “diet”, wearing old out of date clothes, being cheap


I’d love to have everyone in the contest focus on 1 or 2 habits for the 21 days… I’d pick one habit to break and one habit to attian.

Once you have your focus narrowed you’ll find it easier to reach your goal–We have our whole lives to become our best– let’s focus on 1 or 2 areas these next 21 days!!

I’d love to hear your brainstorming on habits!!

Please share,


MB Blog: Contest is on!! Welcome NEWBIES!!- day 1

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Mon, 2012/02/06 – 9:47am — BuffMother

Hi, I just wanted to post quickly a WARM WELCOME to the new members of the rally room and to the returning ones!! We are going to have a blast getting to know each other over the next 21 days!!

I will be posting in my blog, in the forum and in the “book” section often over the next 3 weeks– I’m also going to do my best to read and comment on blogs…My Rally Room addiciton is going to be in full swing by the time these 21 days are over~ I hope your’s will too!!

Let’s have a fun time and keep the foucus!!

Your friend,

P.S. we are here to encourage others– so do your part by spreading the love and commenting on a few blogs daily!

MB Blog: 21 day- Michelle’s Habits- day 1

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Mon, 2012/02/06 – 2:18pm — BuffMother

My habits are few… for some odd reason I am not habitual in nature.  I wonder if it has to do with the fact I’m a Gemini??? Not that I actually believe in astrology, but the description fits!  I’m one way some days and the complete opposite other days! I’ve never stick to the same routine…not even for how I groom myself daily- no specific order of activities, no set in stone way to do anything!  I’m a free spirit trying to live in a habitual world, lol!

The Biggest Best Habit I’ve forced  myself to attain is to workout consistently.  I’ve now done it for 8.5 years! That in itself proves, I AM capable of  forming a habit. I can change!!

a few more good habits I’ve established as an adult include:

  • good posture
  • positive attitude
  • journaling
  • eating my protein
  • cutting out most grains and dairy from my diet

For this Contest my goal is to cut out all carbs except those found in fruits and veggies.  I’m going to use the carbs I eat to fuel my workouts and nutrify my body– just enough servings each day to be highly productive in my workouts but not any EXTRA that will keep me fluffy! My weight goal that i set last month is still intact– I plan to weigh in on March 1st at 125 pounds!

My Stats = (I don’t have my measuring tape or bikini for photos with me right now–they are at my “old” house still…I’ll do them when I go there)

height- 5’7″
weight-129 still! At least I’m not gaining!!
cycle day- 27
Thigh, mid-
Thigh, high-

Habit to break– eating carbs that are JUNK!  if it’s not a fruit or veggie I will not eat it for one of my 4 allowed daily CARB servings!

Habit to attain– a continually clean kitchen…I tend to only clean up when it’s overdue…my  goal is to keep it clean all day every day– even if I have to delegate the chore :cheer:

I’m off to eat an apple and clean my kitchen!!

Let’s have a great 21 days!! Thanks for your support in advance- I’ll need it!

Love, Michelle

P.S. Here’s the link to today’s info if you need it:

MB Blog: Learnin’- day 2

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Tue, 2012/02/07 – 8:54am — BuffMother

Today’s task is to LEARN! So that’s what I’m writing about!!


#1-Learn about yourself and why you want to attain or break the HABIT-

Quit the JUNKY Carb Habit!!
I’ve been a junk fool aholic since I was a kid….I’ve always loved candy! I’ve always loved chips! I’ve always loved snacking and eating quite a bit.  I do NOT believe that eating some “fun” foods is wrong– I’ve never been a “CLEAN” eater, nor do I think it’s paramount!  We need to enjoy all life has to offer, but in MODERATION! Also, I am a big believer that when you workout HARD enough, a slightly imperfect diet is okay. I am not someone who believe the popular notion that diet is 90% of the equation when trying to lean up- It’s and important part, but WORKOUTS count a lot more than 10% in my math!

My eating/diet is a work in progress- ALWAYS!  I look back 12 years ago and MAN!! I ate horrilby!! Now days- I get “lazy” with my diet at times, but overall it’s 100x’s better than then.  The winter is always a time when I gain weight….the past couple years I even got up into the 135 range.  This year, I’ve done better than normal, but still I’m ready to hit it harder sooner this winter!  Having goals like a ski trip on March 1 and the Warrior Dash on May 5 really helps!!

Back about 1.5 years ago, when prepping to go “train with Ava Cowan”….I had a stellar attitude toward my diet- I was eating only fruits and veggies for carbs and I really leaned up nicely!  However, I was working out quite a bit more at that time– Travis and I were playing tennis for 2 hours at a time 2-3 times a week– that long “activity” added to my aeoribic fitness a lot and allowed me to lean up easier.  I need to figure out how to add more long aerobic activity into my routine- hiking is a good idea!

Attain the Keep my Kitchen clean Habit:

This challenge to keep my kitchen clean is tough already! I hate cleaning…especially when it’s 3-4 times a day like in the kitchen!  It’s always been a problem for me to keep my kitchen clean, mostly becuase I find it a waste of time to clean after every meal– it’s faster to do it all 1 time a day??  Anyhow- I want my kitchen clean consistently.  So I must change my mindset about it!

I think I’ll put my ipod on and get after it– it could be relaxing to listen to a podcast while I clean.


#2- Learn about ways other have established this habit or broken it– Google is amazing! Or, heck, go old-school and hit the library or book store for some resources!

I am a Carb Addict- I’ve know it for about 14 years…I wrote an article about it a few years ago- here’s the link:

Today, I found this great definition of what being Addictied to Carbs means: http://www.carbohydrateaddicts.com/cadfnd.html

Cleaining Info-

A couple PDF’s:


A good link:


I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the battle I’m up against to BREAK THE HABIT!! I certainly hope you take a half hour or so to LEARN about your specific habit(s)!

We can Change!!


MB Blog: A day 2/21 vlog

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Tue, 2012/02/07 – 3:27pm — BuffMother

I’m testing out how things work on my new mac…lots to learn!! Anyhow here’s the first video I’ve shot with my webcam and uploaded with imovie:

MB Blog: Single minded- day 3

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Wed, 2012/02/08 – 8:39am — BuffMother

Losing focus on my goal is the main reason I end up failing!  Life gets busy; I get tired; I get distracted by other “emergencies”; I get sidelined by temptation; I make excuses, by my HORMONES,   etc… are all signs of losing focus.  If I can keep my GOAL as the single focus in my mind, I DO SUCCEED!!  In order to stay single minded like that takes a TON of on purpose EFFORT!!

That’s why each day I’m doing mental tasks, taking action and engulfing myself in my HABITS!! If I plan to succeed in kicking the junky carb habit or attaining my clean kitchen habit, I must be OBSESSED for these 21 days!!

The sad truth of it- we are 3 days in and I’m already losing some “gusto”…the excitement of the contest is slowing, I am realizing my goals are TOUGH and LIFE is starting to get in the way– for instance- tomorrow is my twin girls’ Birthday…am I going to be able to resist the candy, cake, pop and ice cream??  I know I can if I FOCUS and not let myself have a “pass”…I committed to this goal- time to follow through!


Okay— I looked up a couple Bible verses about being single minded, they help me realize that being DECISIVE and sticking to your goal is VERY important!!

James 1:8…A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Psalm 119:10…I’m single-minded in pursuit of you; don’t let me miss the road signs you’ve posted.


We’ve had a bit of the sickies going around here this week…my son especially.  He’s got a DR appt today for an ear infection– hopefully with meds he’ll get back to working out with me– I miss my lifting buddy!

My diet has been good for day 1 and day 2– yesterday I weighed in at 128….down a pound already– I haven’t seen 128 in a while so I was happy.  I’m on cycle day 29 today– I’m expecting TOM anytime!  I wish he’d hurry up and come!

Anyhow…today’s back workout will be good– my back feels a bit toxic and needs a good SQUEEZE!!

Stay focused today!!


MB Blog: Thankful Thursday!- day 4

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Thu, 2012/02/09 – 12:12pm — BuffMother

Today’s task was to be thankful– http://therallyroom.com/node/51753

here’s my task completed–


I’ll be emailing a lady I admire Heidi Baker- she’s a missionary in Mozambique…her story is amazing and she’s literally changing that whole country by taking in it’s orphans!  She’s a true example of what God can accomplish through a person if we seek Him and Love HIM! http://www.irismin.org/

Hi this message is for Heidi-
I am not a person who has many heroes but You are one of mine.  I see God in you and I see that you are doing His Mission. It’s so inspiring!!
I first saw you on ibethel.tv a couple years ago and initially thought- “oh my! that’s a bit over the top as you spoke in tongues and were worshiping your Papa”…but I couldn’t turn you off.  You were showing such true authentic LOVE.  Something I’ve never really seen in a woman like you.
Since that first introduction to you- I’ve read one of your books, watched your dvd documentary and excitedly watched all your messages in ibethel.tv!   Thanks for sharing your light in OUR world and not just on the mission field.
In God’s Love,
Michelle Berger


I am very thankful today for:

My family, especially my twins.  It’s their birthday–9 years old! What amazing surprises they were in my life!

My new home~ I love having land and twice as much space in my home.

My BuffSisters on Team BuffMother…I never thought I could have so many amazing women friends!! Thanks for being my friends!


My victories that I’ve already made are:
not indulging in piece of pizza when DH was eating it on Tues
not breaking down and eating the bun on my first ever “5 guys” burger yesterday
cleaning my kitchen late on Tuesday night when I would have much rather been watching JUSTIFIED!! I love that show!!

MB Blog: 17 days to GO~ My Diet- day 5

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Fri, 2012/02/10 – 6:55pm — BuffMother

We have 17 days to go…diet info here: http://therallyroom.com/node/51780

Diet is a constant work in progress for me…It is an area where I am always learning, tweaking and striving to find balance.

The BEST results I’ve had with dieting come when I use “elimination rules”, for instance: no dairy, no gluten, no carbonation, etc…

I then follow up those rules with filling my mind with the foods I can eat vs. not eat.  Brainstorming for “allowed” foods, possible recipies and shopping lists helps me keep the focus on the positives of my diet vs. CRAVING those foods I’ve eliminated.

Here are some of the foods I’ve been eating a lot of recently:

Protiens: eggs, hamburger, roast, salmon, chicken, whey protein powder
Carbs: oranges, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, sauces- honey mustard, bbq, tomoto soup (tomotoes are greens unless processed like in soup )
Fats: almonds, olives, cooking oils, dressings for salad, butter, meat fats
Greens: lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, brocolli slaw, frozen stir-fry mixes, salsa, v8

I must admit, I had a couple slips on my road to breaking the “junk carb” habit at the birthday party for the twins on Thursday…but I’m back to fully engaged and comitted today!

I am comitted to fueling my body to be it’s BEST!

Happy Friday to you!!


MB Blog: 16 days to go…Persistence!

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Sat, 2012/02/11 – 12:42pm — BuffMother

HI Ya!! Well, today is our 6th day of the Kick the Habit contest– this week has flown by in some regards, but also made me realize how long 6 days of focused effort can be!  21 days doesn’t sound that long, but when you are trying to break or attain a habit– it is a VERY long time! Persistence is VITAL!

Today’s task was to write down what I WANT! …easier said than done, lol!  I guess I should start with why I want to kick the JUNK FOOD habit and why I want my kitchen continuously clean 🙂

I want to kick the junk food habit because

  • It’s keeping me from eating more healthy choices
  • It’s not setting a good example for my kids
  • It’s not fueling my body for my workouts
  • it’s prematurely aging me
  • It’s keeping me from attaining my goal

I want to keep my kitchen clean:

  • It’s stressful to work in a messy kitchen
  • It’s unsanitary to have it a mess
  • it can get stinky
  • it is so peaceful to have it cleaner
  • It’s teaching me more discipline– to do something even when I don’t want to

I really want to just be a healthier, more disciplined person.  I want to make myself accountable to take daily steps towards my overall goals in life.  Doing the little things daily is important–But I also want to be disciplined enough to do the BIG hard things too!

What do I want your my life to be like in 1 month?
1 month from now I want my house to be more organized, my Website to be completed, my old house to be leased out

1 year from now?:
I am unsure…I love the status of many areas of my life and realize this “season” will end quickly- my kids are 12, 10, 9, 9 right now, by next year “teenage” years will be underway– I feel called to be very involved in their lives.  I’d like to “set up” myself to be flexible in my business so that I have the time and energy to be their biggest fans!  But at the same time I can’t lose myself in the process- what will make me thrive?  Pursing my purpose through this season is a must–even if it’s not a “full time” venture.

5 years from now?
Again, it comes down to the fact in 5 years my kids will be 17, 15, 14 and 14…WOW! They will be more and more independent and I will again be in a new season of motherhood.  My thoughts go to,  “how will I have time and the resources to do everything I’ve dreamed of with my kids before they are GONE?”  I KNOW the actions/decisions and goals I make today will affect my life 5 years from now.

What changes do I have to make to give my family the life I desire?

Characteristics of life I desire for our family to have:

  • a strong faith in God- a focused effort to teach the Bible and to fill our home with Godly values
  • individual talents and purposes- each of my children have a purpose; it’s my job to help them find theirs
  • great relationships- I want to be my both kid’s parent and a true friend
  • fun memories- time here at home, vacations, short trips, events, etc…
  • amazing work ethic and the tools to succeed in life on their own- money management, household management, etc…
  • healthy bodies and minds- sports, activities, good diet, etc… all people were made to be active and eat good fuel


Being honest with myself  has helped me find a deeper focus that will keep me persistent and moving toward Kicking my habits and attaining my TRUE goals!
I need to keep exploring my goals and adjusting my choices so that not only myself but so that my family can be a success, PERSISTENCE!

Never give up on your desires,



P.S. I spent some time this morning organizing our “21 Day: Kick the Habit” book– each day is now in order and the book contains the daily email, task and my blog entries– it’s nice to have it all in one place and organized, Check it out here:

“21 Day: Kick the Habit”    

A day behind…My POA- day 8; 14days to go

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Mon, 2012/02/13 – 10:40am — BuffMother

HeyYa!! I’m a day behind… On PURPOSE!

Typically, I like to take Sunday’s off of the computer.  I need a break from it weekly 🙂 Instead of being online I spent my day cleaning. It feels good to have a clean bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. I also cooked a bunch, pancakes for breakfeat (I had a protein bar), tacos with guac for lunch, roasted chicken and sweet taters for supper– and an evening snack of tea, pickle and peanut butter.  I was rewarded with a drop on the scale this am 127.4!! Yay, another pound closer to my 125 goal!!!

Anyhow, I found out this am that my site www.buffmother.com has been down since Saturday?? Oh well…that happens– good thing the contest is hosted in the rally room!!  Today’s task, encouragement and workout ideas:


Since I didn’t blog yesterday– here’s my POA:

Sunday- ran hills- I did 5 x approx 200m hills…and one killer LONG one of about 400 -500 meters~ i should measure them some day! Then I finished with 2 100 meter sprints on the flat grass– they felt so easy after the hills!

Monday- Chest
Tues- Legs
Wed- a run and mish mosh of plyo type exercises and abs
Thurs- back
Friday- Legs
Saturday- off
Sunday- a run and mish mosh of plyo type exercises and abs

Other items that I need to do this week:

Monday: prep Valentines day boxes- treats for kids & Training programs for clients
Tues:Work on my Website; Follow up with a few business calls; Work towards getting my “master bedroom” project started
Wed: Get old house closer to EMPTY; Meet with a friend for lunch; Taxes
Thurs: Travis’s Birthday!!
Friday: Follow up on more business stuff– my EMAIL day!

All items are high priority…I guess, I’d better get to work on them ONE at a Time!

Remember to keep your Habit focus– I think I’ll write mine on my hand again….it really helped!!

One baby step at a time!!

Truth Hammers…day 9; 13 to go

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Tue, 2012/02/14 – 1:03pm — BuffMother

Happy Valentines Day everyone…It’s a gorgeous day today.  I’m headed for a walk out on my land– gotta get some sonshine and fresh air!!

MYTask for Today-
Write down 3 postive truths about how your life will be better becase you broke or attained your habit:

1- “I will be a good example to my children”
2- “my kitchen will be a peaceful place”
3- “I will see benefits of good nutrtion in my skin, eyes, hair, body compostion and I will have more energy”

Keep those TRUTHS handy to CRUSH negative thoughts and tempations arise– I call them “Truth Hammers”!  (FYI- they are one of the success tools found in my book “Hormonal Timing”)




Good friends….day 10; 12 to go

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Wed, 2012/02/15 – 11:49am — BuffMother

Good friends support our goals, encourage us towards greatness, love us even when we disappoint them, they are loyal and truly enjoyable to be around. If that’s true why then do we find ourselves trying to be friends with people who are NOT like that??   I realized that for far too long I’d been trying to be friends with people who honestly had no purpose in my life….
I hung out with women from work or church group or my neighborhood, but most of them didn’t “click”…they didin’t “get me”.  I attributed it to me being weird, not to the fact they were not the right friends, lol!  I tried to change myself to fit in over and over again– becoming more frustrated and self sabotaging at each turn.  I was being untrue to myself, just to fit the mold vs. finding the right friends.  Once I realized my error, I decided to stop the insanity and go for finding the RIGHT friends; friends who are like minded, happy, positive and encouraging!!

That’s when Team BuffMother was born!  It’s been so freeing and amazing to see the true meaning friendship at a whole new level through the internet. I have made more good friends in the past 7 years than I could have ever hoped for and guess what, I keep making MORE!  It’s crazy awesome!!

Completing the task for today(read and comment on 5 blogs) was easy…I’ve made it a habit to cheer on my friends in the rally room daily.  Most every blog I read I comment on…somtimes all I note is a smile or a HI! just that simple act makes that person feel encouraged to know someone out there CARES about them!  I do care, and I do LOVE each member here!!

My “Kick the Habit” goals have been suffering a bit the past couple days…it’s gotta be that we are in the “middle” days of the contest– the beginning excitement has faded and the end is still to far away, lol!  I need to FOCUS….I’m gonna take a little time today to read my starting blogs and thoughts again– that will help!

The workout plan for today is legs– Gotta love leg workouts–they are so effective!!

Have a good one my good friends,



Good Saturday Morning everybody!! day 13; 9 to go

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Sat, 2012/02/18 – 9:33am — BuffMother

Birthday Month for us is finally over!!  I love, love, love birthdays and I love, love, love my family–BUT 3 birthdays in a matter of 1 week + Valentines Day wears me out!

Thursday was a total off day for me- it was Travis’ Birthday and he played hookie from work so we could hang out all day.  It was really an awesome day and he had a very nice birthday.

Friday morning was all about throw up, lol….my little lady Layla was super sick with the tummy flu and so was my dog.  What a mess!
Today is a new day and we are fired up to have everyone mostly healthy and we have Softball tryouts today for my 10 year old.  It should be interesting- She’s never played!  Last night we hit wal-mart for some gloves and a bat.  It was so fun to see GIRL colors…when I played there were no pink and purple options– Love it!! :love:

Yesterday, I did manage to get in a good back workout and my diet was much more in check.  I am ready to kick in this contest– just a bit over a week left and I plan to be RELENTLESS!!

My workout plan for today is to run outside 2 miles and do some plyo type stuff after along with abs.  Should be a good one!

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

Efficiency…gotta get more effiect!

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Sun, 2012/02/19 – 10:43am — BuffMother

We have just 8 days to go of our 21 day Kick the Habit contest.
I certainly hope you are focused and ready to finish this challenge strong.

Today’s task, workout ideas and tips are located here:

Complete Online tasks during just one session each day. Check your mail once daily and complete all other online tasks quickly and efficiently. Let’s combine all online time into one small daily ritual–I plan to even set a TIMER so that I don’t slip and go end up wasting my energy and attention.

My online to do list for this week:
Check my email inbox and write quick responses- 30 min- DONE for Today!
Write blog- 30 min- DONE for Today!
Comment on 5+ friends posts in Rally Room- 10 min- DONE for Today!
Update Facebook status- 5 min- DONE for Today!
Surf the web-10 min-DONE for Today!

Yesterday, my workout eneded up being a bit more intense of a run than originally planned.  I ran 6 hills instead of the 2 miler and wow!! I felt so tired last night!

Here’s a pic I took on my run-

It’s on my property down by the creek…so pretty!!

It’s a gorgous day here….I’m going outside now to play on my tractor, lol!!

Time to FINISH this!!  Make yourself PROUD!!


It’s working!! top of the hour cues!!

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Mon, 2012/02/20 – 10:52am — BuffMother

The task for today is working “Use the top of each hour as a cue to keep asking yourself “what do I need to do right now”… to progress towards my short-term and LONG TERM Goals!”…I’m staying focused, keeping my kitchen clean and getting stuff done!


Yesterday was a great day off…I worked outside clearing some brush, burning some brush and found that my tulip bulbs that I planted last fall are sprouting.  I had planted them upside down and thought they wouldn’t work, but at least some of them found their way to the surface :garden:

The twins and I also practiced some softball…they are total beginners and it’ll be fun to see how they progress this season.  Gracie did really well at her try out, but the poor girl got hit in the shin with a grounder!  She’s convinced she does NOT want to play anymore, which is really too bad!!!

I missed my second leg workout last week, so that’s on tap for me and my workout buddy, Gunner, today!  Everyone is healthy here finally and I am feeling excited for the spring.  I can feel MARCH coming.

March 1 I’m headed to Keystone for a ski trip…I’m thinking I need to prep for that a bit this week.  I need to be sure I have clothes and a body that can endure the altitude, cold and crazy muscles involved. I’m also going to go tanning and get my hair done this week….I feel the need to primp a bit!

I spent a bit of time this morning looking at my last set of progress pictures.  They were on December 5th…it was a couple weeks after I had been sick for a month.

Here’s one of them:

I think I’m looking a bit leaner since then, but I do need to take a set of pictures to compare.  I’ll plan to do that this Saturday.

We’ll the TOP of the hour is coming again– time to refocus and stay productive!!

Have a super day!!


my likes/dislikes

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Tue, 2012/02/21 – 5:49pm — BuffMother

Just 6 days to go…have you liked your results?

Check out this task about creating a happier life:

I have been thinking about this all day…things keep on popping up that make me come back to CHALLENGE=CHANGE

In every thing in life if you want to change you must face the challenge.

NO matter what EASY is not the road to success. If you want your body to change you must Challenge it! My body goes backwards instantly if I don’t constantly challenge it.

IT is not easy to be BUFF but it is SO worth it!!

I love my friend,  Angela’s quote “pain is fat leaving my body!” So true, you must be willing to go through the pain to get to where you want to be.

Challenge yourself in every aspect of life and you will accomplish your dreams!!
I hope you like your DREAM!!

Your task for today is to write 2 lists, what you like and dislike.


  1. being physically active
  2. outside
  3. watching a good tv show, movie or game
  4. thinking of creative business ideas
  5. talking with others about their vision for their future success


  1. sitting
  2. cleaning
  3. being stressed
  4. reading about stuff I’m not interested in at that exact moment in time
  5.  paperwork, bills, taxes

My workout today was chest/shoulders and abs….my bench is getting stronger every workout!! My high set was 125×8 times– no spotter or I would have done 10.

I had a busy, busy day today— lots of errands, cleaning/moving closets and my kitchen, paying bills, etc… Feels good to get lots done!

Keep striving to break those habits 🙂


Writing is Therapy!

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Wed, 2012/02/22 – 10:33am — BuffMother

For me writing is my therapy…I don’t pretend to be the best writer in the world,  Nor do I try to impress people with my big vocab or complicated retoric. My goal is to be REAL and Relatable to the average person.  I am an Author, but don’t identify myself as that often….I’d rather be known as a coach, leader or simply a Mother.

Writhing is truly theraputic.  Most of my life I’ve kept a diary/journal/blog…It’s so enjoyable to look back at those writings and see how I’ve progressed in life and in my confidence.  The thing I most enjoy writing is about my goals, other peoples potential and about my thoughts and ideas.  I told my hubby while we were on vactaion that I have at least 10 amazing exciting ideas a day!  I should really write each one down…I could be like Columbo and carry a little notebook with me at all times to take notes, lol!

Today’s task was to brainstorm-

  1. Write down 3 ideas of where you’d like to vacation next- MIAMI (on the BEACH), GERMANY (Octoberfest!!), ARIZONA (to see my sister and the grand canyon)
  2. Write down 3 thoughts about your habit- I am not doing well at my clean kitchen habit, I am getting better all the time with my eating– but still need improvement, I like this 21 day focus and I will do it again!!
  3. Write down 3 gifts you’d like for your next birthday- I want a green house, a new camera, a pair of shoes
  4. Write down 3 home improvement ideas- Bathroom remodel, a pool!!, my gym area set up
  5. AND WRITE DOWN what you will eat today!!! I already ate eggs and bacon…now for protein shake, apple, carrots, romain salad, chicken, tuna and I’m sure some other stuff :)…the focus is fruits, veggies and meats

I’ve gotta get going, Be sure to WRITE it Down Today!!


Fun Days!!…4 days to go

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Thu, 2012/02/23 – 6:56pm — BuffMother

I have felt really great all week!!  Good energy, good mindset, good focus~ I love it!!

Anyhow, I weighed this morning– 129 still…oh well..still a couple more days left until March 1st–maybe something amazing will happen to get me to my goal, lol!! Despite the scale staying relatively steady, I know I am getting more fit, eating better, feeling better– so what does that scale know anyway?? I still plan to take my pictures this weekend– they will tell more of the true story.

Last night we skipped going to the gym and played softball out in the yard instead.  It was really fun to hit the ball again, see my kids hit and be the pitcher 🙂  And guess what, I am SORE today! all sorts of forearm muscles and core muscle sorness!! AWESOME!! Then today’s leg workout was a bit shorter than I’d like, but the good thing is that we did do it!

#1 List 3- recent items in which someone or something was to BLAME for your failure. Then take responsibility for each by stating “I am Responsible for that ____________(the failure).”

1- blame kids for leaving the kitchen a mess…. “I am Responsible for that teaching my kids and instructing them to do their chores.”
2- blame others for tempting me with “junk food” and “candy”….”I am responsible for what goes into my own mouth, no one but ME!! I can say no thanks!!”
3- blaming lack of time for my lack of runs the past couple weeks “I am responsible for my own schedule, I have the time, I must take the time!”
#2 List 3 recent items in which you had a success. Then, revisit each of those successes and state “I am RESPONSIBLE for my success at _________”

1- I’ve been successful at organizing this 21 day contest….  “I am responsible for my success at being a leader in the 21 days kick the Habit contest”
2- I’ve been successful at crossing off many items on my to do list daily….”I am responsible for the hard work I put in daily and am proud to know I am accomplishing tasks daily that will make my life less stressful, more organized and more enjoyable.”

3- I’ve been successful at encouraging others daily– “I am responsible for helping others to accomplish their goals…i love spreading hope, helpful info and leading by example”


Okay…that was a tough task today– being honest like that about failures and success takes some major brain power.

Can you believe this 21 days is almost over??  I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Oh and by the way, I’m doing my 40 days to fit yet again– tons of people signed up for it again yesterday and today– feel free to join in on the fun!!


Have a great night– I’m going to the store!!


Comment till the COW’s come home–

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Fri, 2012/02/24 – 8:21am — BuffMother

HI!!  somtimes I wonder where all my time goes– but when I examine what I do all day, I quickly figure it out.  I spend a TON of time Commeting on people’s comments, blogs, facebook updates, etc…I think it’s important to GIVE back by making a comment.  It’s really easy to get into the “take, take, take” mentality online.

We are down to 3 final days to Kick or Establish your Habit.
Do you remember how focused you were during the first 3 days
of this contest- REGAIN That EXCITEMENT!!

You can accomplish a lot in just 3 days of effort.

Today’s post:

My day is packed full of PLEASURE :love: ….I have a chiro appt, a hair appt, a massage appt, a DATE and somewhere in there I need to get a run done too??  Anyhow it’s gonna be PERFECT!

Today’s Task: Choose 2 small acts of kindness to do ON PURPOSE today. Plan them now:

#1. Clean each of my Dear Daughter’s rooms- Just 2 rooms, the twins share

#2. Charge my son’s phone for him and give the “go ahead” for him to have it back- He’s been grounded from it all week 🙂

Time to get my kitchen clean, then the bedrooms, then GO get PAMPERED!!


p.s.This is what I’m fighting!! Trying to establish a “clean kitchen” habit is hard!!

Last day??

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Sun, 2012/02/26 – 10:37am — BuffMother

It’s the last day of our contest and I have to admit, this was a whole lot harder than I thought it’d be!

I would say I made progress on both my habits…I certainly ate less junk than I have over the past couple months.  My eyes were opened to how bad I had been eating.  Too many treats, too much convenience  food and too many– “oh just for tonight I’ll let myself….” .  Food is a constant battle for me, I am a carb-aholic and that’s a lifetime struggle!  I know if I can keep it under control I feel so much better!  I also know that winter is such a tough time for me– Mentally I always struggle in the short, cold, dark days of winter.  I have really felt that struggle several days this month…the good thing is that for the first time in many, many years I have not gained weight in the winter- I maintained.  That’s a win!!  March is almost always my turn around month….I get that springtime boost of energy and my body finally decides to shed the weight.

The other habit I was trying to establish was my kitchen being clean.  I have to say, I did really well 14 out of the 21 days with this task.  I made a conscious and effort and I feel like that as a family we are closer to keeping the area clean.  I have changed my mind a bit about how clean “clean” needs to be constantly.  I think 1 time a day of totally clean is more practical than “constantly”…the reminder of the day it’ll be FUNCTIONALLY clean.  It just takes too much time and focus to keep it clean always.  I am a big believer in that PEOPLE are more deserving of my attention than INANIMATE objects.  I just don’t have the passion, time, energy or mission within me to keep THINGS 100% in order all the time.

Today’s task was to–

List 3 items of “other people’s business” that steal your focus:
1- worrying about what people say in comments to  me online or in private messages– how they think I’m doing something wrong, etc..
2- worrying about decisions others make (I’ll keep the details on this private, lol)
3- being concerned about actions others don’t take in their lives– the hardest thing to see is unused potential in people.  I can’t MAKE others do things– only encourage them and help inspire them to action.

Now that you’ve written them down– mentally FLUSH them– It’s NONE of your BUSINESS!!

“ITEMS FLUSHED!!” >>> I am only going to worry about what I can control and stop spending my valuable time on other people’s business– I have plenty to focus on that is MY BUSINESS!  I plan to make my life AMAZING!  Full of GOOD habits!!

Yesterday I spent a bunch of time cleaning my garage.  It’s going to be our GYM– We bought paint for it last night- GRAY.  It should look good!  It’s too windy today to do much with it, and I have “work” to complete….so not sure when I’ll get to the painting.  But hopefully before I leave for Colorado on Thursday.

My workouts have been rather non-existant the past 2 days.  I’ve been very active, exhausted at night, but no real workouts– today I’ll be hitting the gym for sure!  I can’t lose my workout MOJO!

Here’s a POA for my week:

Today- lift upper body and run on treadmill
Mon- legs
Tue-run outside/lift upper body
Wed-  a mish mosh of lifting…maybe some hiking and light running– I don’t want my legs sore for my flight and ski trip
Thurs- Sunday- SKI TRIP– FUN!!!

Gotta go get my work done now!!

Have a stellar Sunday!!


p.s. tomorrow I’ll post how to send in your entry for the 21 day kick the habit contest!! Thanks!!


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Sun, 2012/02/26 – 4:32pm — BuffMother

69! days until the Warrior Dash in Kansas City…time to get after my running– hit the treadmill for 3.1miles in 26 mins– I’m gonna get faster!!

If you are doing the race with us, have you started running yet??  Be sure to focus on it!! a 5k is 3.1 miles


Join us for the event….event details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/203479336415362/

Submit your entry “21 day Kick the Habit” contest:

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Mon, 2012/02/27 – 10:16am — BuffMother

The 21 day Kick the Habit contest is over…Congrats for taking on the challenge!!
I am sure you are an improved version of yourself after these 21 days!!

Please visit this last link for some insight and instructions on
how to officially enter our contest:


Entering is easy…Simply submit your official entry by
March 4th= starting stats, final stats, a written paragraph sharing your thought about the contest,
and at least 1 photo of yourself to michelle@buffmother.com




Michelle’s final stats, pics and thoughts!

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Mon, 2012/02/27 – 12:12pm — BuffMother

If you participated in the contest, Be sure to Submit your official entry by March 4th= starting stats, final stats, a written paragraph sharing your thought about the contest,  and at least 1 photo of yourself to michelle@buffmother.com.

Stats (just my ending…never got my starting ones done):

Height 5-6.5
Age 36

Weight: 129
Chest: 36
Waist: 26
Hips: 36
Thigh: hi- 20.5″; lo 18.5″

Write a short paragraph on your  contest results, did you break or attain your habit??

The 21days was a big eye opener for me regarding how BAD I had been eating and HOW messy I had let my cleaning habit slide.  I expect that the momentum I gained during this tough winter month, will catapult me to the next level during March.  I am very excited to keep improving my eating habits and continue toward creating good cleaning habits in my household.  I really enjoyed the daily focuses in the rally room and all the new habits my sweet friends made.  The contest was a success in my mind!  I will do it again!!

Send your info and at least 1 photo to, michelle@buffmother.com

Thanks so much!!

Going “DARK”

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Wed, 2012/02/29 – 9:31am — BuffMother

In spy movies, I just love it when the spy goes out on a mission and has to go “dark”…they are invisible to their support team and just out there on their own in the danger.  Well, I am going “DARK” for a few days– my vacation mode is on and that means little to no computer time!  I need the break from time to time.

Anyhow, I’ve been keeping super busy as I prep to leave– I feel pleasently prepared.  However that could change as I start packing, lol!! I always go into hyper drive when trying to pack for a trip– too many options of what to bring, wear and pack??

Okay, in other news….I remembered something about myself this week.  I find the most success in my eating when I eat 3 bigger meals daily vs. 5-6 smaller ones.  There are several reasons why:

1- I can eat MORE at 1 setting– I like eating bigger portions
2- I don’t get overwhelmed with the prep/eating time when eating more often– it’s takes too much focus for me– I’m not that focused, lol
3- Mentally, I don’t feel like I am dieting when I eat fewer meals.
4- I have insulin resistant issues– so eating less often helps my insulin to go down sometimes which actually allows me to burn fat
5- I dislike eating early in the morning– I like eating my first meal about 3-5 hours after waking up– extending my “fast” helps me burn some extra fat and gives me a chance to do fasted cardio from time to time

6- it’s less stressful to my digestive system.  I digest better when my enzymes are strong (utilizing them less often)….my body feels less stress from eating less often

Here’s an interesting video that explains some of what I am talking about: http://www.cynthiapasquella.com/featured/how-eating-5-to-6-meals-a-day-can-make-you-age-faster/



So, just now at 9:15 I had a good breakfast of 2 whole wheat blueberry pancakes (not typical for me to eat grains),  with butter and real maple syrup, 3 small strips of pork bacon, a “Carnivor” choc protein shake in water= CCFP and I’ve had 2 cups of coffee with half’n’half.

My plan is to use this fuel as a pre-workout meal— I’ll be hitting the trail for a hill workout after it digests– at about 11:00

Alrighty, we’ll I am off to do some laundry, run, pack, lift weights, get my son’s hair cut and then RELAX before I fly out early tomorrow.  I’ll be back Monday!!  Please, pray that I don’t hurt myself skiing!!

Love ya,




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