9 days to go!!

9 days

Good Saturday Morning everybody!! day 13; 9 to go

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Sat, 2012/02/18 – 9:33am — BuffMother

Birthday Month for us is finally over!!  I love, love, love birthdays and I love, love, love my family–BUT 3 birthdays in a matter of 1 week + Valentines Day wears me out!

Thursday was a total off day for me- it was Travis’ Birthday and he played hookie from work so we could hang out all day.  It was really an awesome day and he had a very nice birthday.

Friday morning was all about throw up, lol….my little lady Layla was super sick with the tummy flu and so was my dog.  What a mess!
Today is a new day and we are fired up to have everyone mostly healthy and we have Softball tryouts today for my 10 year old.  It should be interesting- She’s never played!  Last night we hit wal-mart for some gloves and a bat.  It was so fun to see GIRL colors…when I played there were no pink and purple options– Love it!! :love:

Yesterday, I did manage to get in a good back workout and my diet was much more in check.  I am ready to kick in this contest– just a bit over a week left and I plan to be RELENTLESS!!

My workout plan for today is to run outside 2 miles and do some plyo type stuff after along with abs.  Should be a good one!

Have a wonderful Saturday!!


p.s. for my diet…I am on a maintenance calorie level of about 1800-2000 right now…5-4-3-2-0…once TOM arrives then I will be leaning hard 🙂



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