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Super quick hello!!!

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Fri, 2012/01/06 – 9:35pm — BuffMother

HI!! Today was an awesome day~ I loved being able to spend time with my hubby and on my “farm”…to cap it off we are currently watching the Cotton Bowl- AR vs. KS ….Go Arkansas!!!!

Whoooooo Pig Soooooeeeeee!!!!

home again…

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Wed, 2012/01/04 – 9:03pm — BuffMother

I am home again after my date day and totally enjoying being with my kiddos tonight~

My hubby is on vacation this week so the HOLIDAY is still underway in my world.  It’s caused a bit of a “slow start” to my new year’s fitness plans, but next week will come soon enough.

I plan to take a few hours over the weekend to set some goals.

I’m off to bed, there’s no place like HOME!

Fire burning!!

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Sun, 2012/01/01 – 10:06pm — BuffMother

My Fire is Burning in more ways that one!!  I am on fire to have an amazing NEW Year!!

My word for 2012 is to DELVE!!  I plan to DELVE deeper into every aspect of my blessed life during the year ahead.  I started my day with some good family time, then hit the gym for a leg workout and  followed it up with more activity outside cleaning up the yard which was finished with some literal FIRES!!

I’ll write more tomorrow about my specific “resolutions” and goals for 2012!!

Hope you had a VERY, Happy New Year!!


Friday NIGHT!

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Fri, 2012/01/27 – 9:36pm — BuffMother

Whoohoo….it’s Friday Night and I’m feeling good.  Funny how life changes and how Friday Nights are not so exciting anymore, lol! It’s 9:30 and we are prepping for bed.

Today was a good day, I feel better and my body weight is finally responding to my relentless fitness quest! I am getting stonger, leaner and LIGHTER!  I weighed in at 129 again today…but I feel 128 in my near future!

My plan was to do a big 10 week contest starting on Feb. 6th, but I’d like to have my new website done prior to that contest.  It doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen~ things always take longer than planned.  Anyhow…I’m thinking that we may have to start it later or do a short challenge instead…I’ll keep thinking on it this weekend and let you know.

The workout for today was legs…and MAN! i’m really missing a squat rack at my new gym– the smith machine is not a stellar option for me to hit my legs the way I need.  I actually went against my own better judgement and put a bit more weight on the smith than usual and strained my knee a bit 😥  I think it’ll be fine, but I seriously must find a way to get in a better leg workout at least 1 time a week.

So it went like this:

Squats and Lunges on Smith
Leg Press
Knee Extensions
Leg curls
Seated Calf raises
Abs between sets and some side lunges and stretching also

Gunner is getting stronger~ fun to see!

Have a fantastic Friday night!


BORING, lol!

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Wed, 2012/01/25 – 8:34pm — BuffMother

I can tell it’s the middle of the week– Boring, lol!  I worked, I worked out, I did errands and now I’m pooped– BORING, lol!

K…my workout today was back, shoulders and biceps.  I felt strong!  Fun to be progressing again at the gym.  I had a shoulder injury from May- Oct of last year and it really made my back day BORING, lol!

Sorry for such a BORING post…I plan to sleep well tonight and have a super EXCITING Thursday!

Love Ya,



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Tue, 2012/01/24 – 7:24pm — BuffMother

Well…It’s officially time for a new computer for me! Today I spent 5 long unproductive hours dealing with computer issues on my 2 computers.  My 4 year old desktop kept freezing up and my 3 year old laptop kept crashing.  It’s time for a new NICE machine!

I’m wondering what I should get?  I’ve had always used PC’s but I would love to try a MAC since a ton of what I do is with pictures, videos and online.  I have an I phone and an I pad, so having a MAC may just be the ticket.  I’m not sure though about compatibility??? Will I be able to open all my old files on the MAC? Any input on what kind of computer I should get would be great.

To alleviate the stress my computers gave me all day, I hit the gym with my son!

We did legs-

Smith squats- 4 sets
Smith Lunges- 3 sets
Knee ups on bench- 2 sets
Leg press- 4 sets, heavy set 10 reps at 220#
Bulgarians 2 sets body weight, 1 set 15#DB’s
Leg curls- 2 sets
Leg Extensions- 4 sets
Seated Calf Raises- 4 sets

On the way home I clocked how far it was to our house from a street named Dallas– it was 1.25miles.  I decided I’d run that when we got  home…

So I hit the dirt- running on a dirt road with lots of rocks isn’t the most enjoyable experience, but I am determined to get into shape! All was well until after the halfway point a dog decided to run through his “invisible fence” and run the mile with me.  Good thing he was nice and harmless…I had my pepper spray in-hand just in case 🙂

Once I got home, I brought the dog back to his house in our truck– what a furry mess! Thankfully Gunner cleaned out the truck~

I’m ovulating and bloated today– I’ve had to continually remind myself that I’m re-building my muscle and fitness right now so my weight is not ready to shed just yet…but come February, I’ll be in a good place to see the fruit of my Labors….. “Patience Grasshopper!!”

Time to go before my  computer crashes again!
Love ya,

HELP PLEASE!! Website update??

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Tue, 2012/01/24 – 10:13am — BuffMother

Okay ladies, I need your help!!

I need some honest thoughts and opinions about this “start” to my new site:

Does it convey the attitude of buffmother?

What would you change about it?

What do you like about it?

What do you dislike?



Changing plans already!

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Mon, 2012/01/23 – 7:10pm — BuffMother

Well yesterday my plan was to do legs today…I wussed out and did chest today instead, lol!

my knee was a little sore from my run yesterday, so instead of risking it, I figured a day off of it would be a good idea

my workout went like this
push ups
side to side drills and some hopping
Abs- roman chair knee ups and leg raises
Ab machine
Incline flys
Tricep push downs
Leg pump reverse abs
Bench dips

And that was pretty much it!

Time to do “FAMILY” …see you on the flip!!

Warrior Dash!!

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Sun, 2012/01/22 – 8:57pm — BuffMother

Well, We did it…many of us Midwest BuffMothers have signed up for the Warrior Dash in Kansas City on May 5th–
It’s a “scary goal” and we have he perfect amount of time to train hard in order to be ready for it!!  I’m stoked!!

Today, I hit the trail by my house again for a good run with 6 hills- it was tough, but the perfect kind of training for the Warrior Dash that I need.

I think I’ll write up a good training plan for the Dash to share with anyone interested.

My POA for this week is to diet hard and keep buffing, lifting and running!!

T-Back, Run
W-Chest, intervals
Repeat M, T, W on Th, F, Sa

By the way– Please come join us for the race!!

You are invited to the WARRIOR DASH with us!! See you there!!

Details :

May 5th 2012
Kansas City (Platte City actually – just north of KC)
Event Price
$65 until 11:59pm* on Sunday, March 11, 2012
I’ve heard that we need to register soon, so we can get in a decent start time group, and before it fills up. Heard that they fill up for sure! Plus the price goes up the longer you wait.
(Drop dead entry due date=Monday, April 23, 2012 – 11:59pm)

We want to register ASAP, but want to see who else wants to so we can all be in the same start time group of 12:30! Join us , so we can have a good BuffMother representation!

Let’s have a good week!!


Friendly Friday Facebook ?’s

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Fri, 2012/01/20 – 12:42pm — BuffMother

So today my son and I are skipping our gym workout…It’s my second leg day for the week and I need to do REAL Squats…I’ll do them at my “old” gym or at home by myself.

Friday’s for me are all about being Freindly– I figured some of my friends could benefit from me answering my facebook personal messages…Here’s some of the Q and A’s for you too!!

Love ya’s~~~

    • Friendly Friday Facebook ?’s

      Hey, gotta luv the humility in 1 that looks that good having profile pics with their kid playing in the background! Makes u seem refreshingly real

      • Michelle Berger

        Thanks, I am a real person- not a made up marketing scheme!! God Bless!!



      Hi Michelle, I just wondered if you could tell me what the Thin in 30 Days program is? You look FANTASTIC! Sarah

      Michelle Berger

      • It was a contest we did back in August– I run contests several times a year. Next one is going to be a 10 week that starts feb 6th!
        sign up for the “team BuffMother” news letter on to stay connected~ thanks!!



        Hey I am a 38 year old mother of two. I consider myself to be pretty fit but my lower abs need some help. No matter what I do I cannot seem to get them where I want them to look like. Any suggestions? I would like to get them more muscular.

        Michelle Berger

        HI!! I wrote a book on it~ “After Baby Abs”…check it out on and here’s a link to a youtube video preview also, thanks!!



        Hi Michelle i am a mother of 3 and are struggling to lose weight can u give me any advice? please i am desperate i cant look myself in a mirror for 3years alreädy, i hate myself. P.S.Thanx for the add Michelle u are a stunning person xoxo

        • Michelle Berger

          • First off, I’ve been where you are…hating my reflection and how I felt. The key is to keep your thoughts TRUTHFUL. You can change if you take proper action!! Please check out the FIT TIPs on and consider getting my books- they will equip you with the tools for success.
            You can LOVE yourself again, Believe it!!



        Hope it was ok to add u as a friend…I was wondering if u could suggest a workout that would tighten & firm up lower abdominal area..I have been trying for a long time but still need lots of help..thank you.

        Michelle Berger

        Just read some of the stuff that u posted on ur buff mother… thank you. thank you for explaining it. i work out but i am too afraid to talk to the trainer because the last time I did, they weren’t very nice. Thanks for accepting my friend request.

        • Michelle Berger

          Sorry you’ve had to deal with rude trainers in the past…not all of them are that way– keep asking questions, researching and learning!! You are on your way!! God Bless, Michelle



          Hi there. Just found your page. I am a mother of 3 and also have a passion for fitness and health. I love your page, and you look amazing. What supplements do you use? What is your take on the whole eating before morning cardio debate? Do you split up your cardio and weights, or do you do weights and cardio afterwards?
          Thanks a lot for your time.

          • Michelle Berger

            • HI~ Aren’t you the inquisitive one, ,lol!! I use a variety of supplements, my mainstays are a multi vit, my Hormonal Timing pills, a Calcium supplement and CREATINE!! I don’t worry too much about force feeding myself before an early morning workout- my mentallity is to JUST DO IT (if I actually get to the gym that early)! Fasted cardio has a place, but shouldn’t be used all the time. FUELED workouts are best for most instances!! I do my workouts in 1 session daily- weights first followed by intervals for the Best results!
              Have a super weekend, Michelle



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