“Piggy Marie”

My nick name growing up was “piggy Marie”..and for good reason.  I am a mess! I blow through my life like a tornado and rarely take the time to ORGANIZE myself the way I should.  It’s not a in my nature to care about keeping things in order– I’m more about shaking things up and taking action.

Well…I can’t take it anymore! I must get organized at least a bit more than what I am right now.  Does anyone have some good tips?

3 areas I really struggle with organizing are:

  1. my clutter- odd and end stuff around the house- where did all this junk come from?
  2. my paperwork/mail/bills– what to do with all of it??
  3. my computer- I can’t find anything on the sucker!

I think where I’ll start is with my computer.  I’m inches away from buying a new one– it will be a “fresh start” of sorts 🙂  Naturally next in line will be my office just in time for tax season, LOL! If I can get those 2 areas under control during Feb. I’ll be happy!! that’s my goal!

The good news is that my body is getting organized– the fat cells are leaving and my muscle cells are becoming more active!! This week my focus is all about my diet~ the workouts are solidified as part of my routine– now I just need to keep the diet in check! FAT is where I tend to over consume– so I’ll be watching the butter, nut and fatty meat consumption big time in order to get to my goal by March 1.

POA for workouts are: M- Lift back and run T-Lift legs W-Lift chest and run Th- Lift back Friday- run Saturday- Lift legs Sunday- off

I’m still planning on writing up a workout plan for the warrior dash- maybe I’ll have time to get that done later this week.

Also, I’m rather sure our Feb contest is just going to be a short one- 21 days!! I’ll announce that later!

Love ya’s -Michelle



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  1. Excited to see the workout plan for the Warrior Dash…just signed up for one in TX today. Kinda nervous – I’ve always been a fast SHORT distance person & have asthma!!

  2. I totally relate to the business and clutter.

    I have 4 kids, homeschool, run a homeschool co-op for 70 kids, have a hub who works all the time, etc, etc….

    I have a pile on my counter that makes me crazy! Seems like as soon as I clear it, it is back again!

    BUT, I always take time to work out in the AM. If I don’t I am a mess for the rest of the day!

    You inspire me. I always enjoy your blog.

  3. Okay, Buffmother, if you are going to help me shine in 49, then I want to put in my 2 cents on the clutter. First, the mail. It should barely make it into the house. Where is your recycle? No matter WHAT, dogs, kids, groceries, I only get out of the car with my mail. I stand by the recycle, and put all magazines, catalogs, junk mail in it. Only super-important makes it all the way on to my desk. Then I go back and unload the rest.

    I was prepared to type more about being clutter-free (I hate STUFF), but then I realized something. You are BUFF. I am not. I am clutter-free. You are not.

    Maybe we can’t do it all, and that’s just fine. Your house may never look like mine, But it can come close. My butt may never look like yours, but it can come close.

    Let’s just be us and forget it!!!

  4. I love it…you are so right– my house wouldn’t be such a mess if I’d put more time towards it. I CHOOSE to take that time an put it towards my fitness, my family and my business– that’s more important to me than my house being super clean 🙂
    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have both– and I should pay someone like you to do it for me, but I also like my freedom too much!

  5. Busy, busy!! But at least you are putting your time and energy into creating an amazing legacy. I’ve never seen anyone have “she had a super organize, clean house” written on their tombstone, lol!

  6. Yeah, I wrote it up in my notebook and never got it put online! DARN! I’ve been sooooo busy!!
    I’ll put it up as a 5K in 5 week program instead!!

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