Trail Run Done!

It’s a gorgeous Saturday here in AR (that’s ARKANSAS)…and I hit the trail on my property for a good KILLER run!

We have a trail that is probably about 600meters+ in length all down hill!  Today I ran up the entire thing twice with running down the hill in between– then afterwards ran r 4 “striders” each one getting progressivly faster and jogging between them.  It was a great workout in preparation for the Kansas City Warrior Dash…I need to be sure I have some sort of an endurance level built for it!

Now it’s time to shower and primp myself up for “DATE NIGHT”!!  G’ma is taking care of the kids for the night and we are spending the night in town~ whoohooo!! I can’t wait to hang with my baby!!

My little puppy is gonna miss us:

She hates this shirt…poor thing!

Yesterday was a good day, I felt better and my body weight is finally responding to my relentless fitness quest! I am getting stonger, leaner and LIGHTER! I weighed in at 129 again…but I feel 128 in my near future!

Funny how life changes and how Friday Nights are not so exciting anymore, lol! At 9:30 and we were prepping for bed.

My plan was to do a big 10 week contest starting on Feb. 6th, but I’d like to have my new website done prior to that contest. It doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen~ things always take longer than planned. Anyhow…I’m thinking that we may have to start it later or do a short challenge instead…I’ll keep thinking on it this weekend and let you know.

The workout for Friday was legs…and MAN! i’m really missing a squat rack at my new gym– the smith machine is not a stellar option for me to hit my legs the way I need. I actually went against my own better judgement and put a bit more weight on the smith than usual and strained my knee a bit                         I think it’ll be fine, but I seriously must find a way to get in a better leg workout at least 1 time a week.

So it went like this:

Squats and Lunges on Smith
Leg Press
Knee Extensions
Leg curls
Seated Calf raises
Abs between sets and some side lunges and stretching also

Gunner is getting stronger~ fun to see!

See you tomorrow!!





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