Yet another social website is gained my membership this past month…Pinterest! I’m still trying to learn how it works, but today I actually figured out how to pin a few items on a board. Anyhow if you are on there, let me know, I’d love to follow you! My profile is “BuffMother”

This week has been so busy, I worked so hard Mon, Tues and Wed to catch up on my work after the holiday vacation, that by today I was beat! I had to go back to bed for a couple hours after the kids left for school ….I guess that’s why I call them “Tired Thursdays”. I expect that tomorrow I’ll feel like a new woman; It’ll be cycle day 3 and It’s FRIDAY!! Buffing is almost here!! The BEST Week of my month is ahead~ watch out world~!

I finally managed to my booty out of bed just before 10…so that I could call a my Buff-Sister Sherry. She’s such a hoot and really GETS ME. Anyway, we spend some time talking about how excited we are for 2012 and how we love, love, love all our BuffMother-Sisters!! :bff: It’s true, we believe we will all be Best Friends FOREVER!

After my talk with her, I had another really interesting business phone call. I can’t share too much about it just yet, but It’s really good stuff for all parties involved. I can’t wait to get that project rolling!! I love all the energy for fitness that people have during the new year…I sure hope this momentum lasts through the winter!

Gunner and I got in our back workout and a short run too this afternoon. It’s good that we’ve gotten 3 workouts done so far this week and now he’s been “initiated” on each body part. Tomorrow when we workout we’ll do some things he’s already done~ which means less work for me!

On a personal front my head is spinning….I have so many things I “want to” get done and an ever increasing workload that shows no sign of slowing down. I may actually be at the point of being ready to hire myself an assistant! I’m talking about a real in flesh person in my office to help me get things DONE! It would be so nice to have a capable helper!

Sorry this is such a “journal” type post…I’m just too tired to be creative tonight. My plan is to snuggle up and watch some good tv tonight!

God Bless,




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  1. Yep I’m there! Be warned….Pinterest is addicting! Great idea sharing with people all over the world! I’m listed as Jenn Rap

  2. I’ve been invited to join pinterest but haven’t yet. Need to spend more time working out than on the internet. This morning, I have a million things I need to do, and want to do, but I think before (after I get done checking in here ;0) I do all that, I am going to sit and spend some quiet time with My Savior! I haven’t had that time hardly at all this month so far, and I am missing Him. Have a great weekend! Thanks for keeping it real.

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