Sizzlin' In Six Success Story – Tamera C., Winner!







Starting Stats


weight 186.5

waist      38

hips        43

chest      43

R Bi        15

L Bi         15

R Thigh  25

L Thigh   24


Ending Stats


weight 164.8    21.7 lbs and -20 inches!!!!

waist     32    

hips       40.5   

chest     41.5

R Bi       12.5

L Bi        12.5

R Thigh   22

L Thigh    22


Sizzlin in 6 gave me the spark to start the fire in my behind to be healthy for myself and my family!  I dreaded weights but now feel confident with my pre planned workout guidelines.  I now believe in the power of intervals as well!  I loved the daily emails that kept reminding me that 6 weeks is short and I can have BIG success! 

Thank you!









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  1. Congrats Girl!!! You look great. I can see big changes in your before/after shots!!! Keep up that great work!!!

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