"Thin in 30"- Day 19

“Thin in 30”- Day 19


Day #19
Run 10 mins
4x100m sprints
run 4 mins
Full recovery 2-5 mins between sets.  Push hard run FAST!! Each sprint should take only 15-20 seconds of all out effort

Today’s Diet focus:

Supplements- TAKE THEM! learn about them, review them, buy them, organize them, experiment with them, etc….

Often times we have the best intentions when purchasing supplements and then they sit in the cupboard and quickly become expired!  Don’t let that happen…Take your supplements daily- they do help!!

Body, Soul/mind and Spirit are synergistic; they work together. Take some time today to address your “mental and spiritual fitness” and you will find being fit in BODY will comes much less effort.

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9 Replies to “"Thin in 30"- Day 19

  1. Haven’t stepped on a scale for a while but the mirror is telling me I am making progress!!! Going to push it today.

  2. I am doing the weights with no problem and the cardio as well. Yesterday had me tired but I made it through.

  3. Our local YMCA has been closed so getting my weights in this week has been a challenge. No problems getting cardio in. 🙂

  4. I am pushing back…I think Saturday is off but yesterday I was still super sore…so I took Thursday off and will hit the weights today…Saturday will be sprints…pushing on…Wahoo!!

  5. Finally seeing the scale move down! I was stuck around the same spot for 2 weeks during boosting..broke through the 135 barrier though, woo-hoo! Progress has been super slow since the start of this challenge, hoping it will pick up now with buffing!

  6. Ok I have been bad at logging in each day but the workouts are happening and the eating is ok (not 100% but ok). Question for everyone….does the Mangodrin make anyone crabby and or anxious? I am coming off some stressful times and PMS so I am hoping it is that. Anyone?

  7. Total weight loss thus far simply from exercising everyday and cleaning up my diet…8 LBS! I am beyond excited! Thanks, Michelle, for the motivation to do this!

  8. I have been terrible about posting daily but I am working out. Due to surgery a year ago on my left shoulder and bicep, I have to use alternative methods of exercise-liek Water aerobics, to regain strength and use of the arm. I started last week wtih water aerobics three times a week. Two classes are using plyometrics in the water. Great workout and really kicks my butt!! I have lost 3# so far. Diet is coming together nicely-although an occassional cheese puff does pass these lips. lol Also, getting used to taking supplements again. I still have to work on taking them faithfully and be a little more diligent where they are concerned but I am getting back into the swing and Michelle is right. They DO work.
    I am also using a cleansing green drink each morning which does help in keeping my system clean of toxins and gives me the added energy boost. I am also resting (sleep) when my body says its time to sleep. I used to burn the midnight candle to get a little more done each day.

  9. I took some creatine monohydrate yesterday to see if I would feel a difference. I didn’t feel any energy right off the bat, but I was able to go longer with my weight lifting. I didn’t really notice until I realized I was doing way more reps and it was a lot easier to lift the weights! I heard different things about creatine, but I read that women can take 5g of creatine and not experience any side effects. What do you think?

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