Be good while I'm gone!

HI everyone!!

I got it an good workout this morning- back and Bi’s and a run with my friend Nicole.  And I’ve been working towards packing and getting final preps ready for the trip.  I am a little disappointed that I didn’t make my goal of 122 for my trip, but I am at 125, which is a good healthy  happy weight for me! I’ll be able to wear my beach clothes and bikini with confidence 🙂

The plan is to completely unplug during the trip- I’m not even brining my computer!  AHHHHH!!! Beach

See ya next week- I’ll be back the 26th!! Be good while I am gone!!! 



p.s. If you need anything, my Helper, miss Darcie (crystabel) will be manning the Rally Room and also be available via email at



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  1. The mangodrin trial came on Tuesday, 15 days later than expected, but halleujia, it is here! My lap top is up and running today, for now so I am posting now before it decides to quit again. So far the past 2 days taking the mangodrin had been fine. I do feel more energized and am running hotter than usual. That is to be expected from a thermogenic supplement. I have actually lost 2 lbs since Tuesday. It is most likely water. I sweat just standing in place training my clients (although I am demonstrating from time to time) Since the trial came so late, I am going to take new pics by tomorrow. I already had one of the other trainers I work with take my measurements on Tuesday so I have that already. Michelle, is it ok for me to post a nd submit 15 days after the contest/trial ends since it arrived so late? I am so excited to see the outcome!

    So I did take a few days off this week/weekend from workouts. I did work out on Saturday, but then had a wedding that night and had to be up super early on Sunday with the kids to go watch hubby perform in his first triathlon. He did great. The swin was tough, but the weather was a little rough wich made the water choppy. He did train in a pool which was easier. His time was 2 hrs 18 min for a 1/2 mile swim, 14 mile ride and 4.5 mile run. God bless him for finishing. I don’t think I would have made ith throught the first leg of the swim. I am so proud of him. During his training, he lost close to 20 lbs and is looking pretty hot I might say. My best friend’s husband which is my huband’s best friend, performed too. Hubby was ecstatic that he beat him. They are so competitive it’s funny. Any way, heading off to bed. Clients in the AM and PM tomorrow. Hope everyone dreams buff dream tonight. I know I will. G’nite! Michelle, have a great vaca! I know you will rock the beach wear as you always do!

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