"Thin in 30"- Day 15

“Thin in 30”- Day 15

CONGRATS!! today is our HALFWAY POINT!!  And guess what- MY plan is to take a set of fresh STAT and pictures to see what I’ve been able to change already!!  If you’ve been working hard~ I’d suggest you do the same!! It’s a great way to keep focused!!


Day #15
Rest day

If you missed any of the cardio or sprinting workouts from past days today would be a perfect day make up that workout~!! If you ever miss a day of workouts- SHIFTING your workouts a day forward is better than SKIPPING them entirely.
30 days isn’t a long time, but BURN OUT can happen fast- It’s very key to PACE yourself and incorporate REST DAYS into your workout program for your physical and mental success!

Today’s Diet focus:

Try new food or recipe- Variety is key to diet success!

The Rally Room has a GREAT Recipe section– check out some of the great ones listed and PLEASE add yours!!!

AND….please comment with ideas of NEW foods, what you tried for your food, and with any other questions, tips, or thoughts!



17 Replies to “"Thin in 30"- Day 15

  1. Back from vacation and down a pound or two. Didn’t exercise like I would have liked (although I did manage to fit it in whenever I could) but I’m happy I didn’t gain!

  2. mowing the lawn which takes a good two hours…should be enough for a mini workout. Maybe I’ll make up a weight day that I missed the other day.

  3. I have to admit I have not been doing very well with this due to schedule change and I was sick in the beginning of month. I have started a fresh this week though and since I keep all your emails I am able to start from beginning. I am not sure how I feel about the supplements though, lol. I think I must be opposite and what should cause energy makes me tired, lol. But again I am going to keep at it until if nothing else I become a better me. Thank you for your faith in all of us.

  4. I had a tough weekend. Hubby and I were doing remodeling all weekend and I was too exhausted to do any actual exercise. Feeling guilty about it. I’ll at least try to squeeze in some cardio tonight after I help my son with homework.

  5. Oh wow~ that sounds dreamy and the good news is that if it’s a “special” event like that- ENJOY!! now that she’s not visiting, it’s time to buckle down and strive to lose the weight gained and more~!! you can do it Tonya!!

  6. I ve been workout out but my eating plan was a lil unfocused. I had family visiting from the Virgin Islands and she wanted to cook us some DELISH island foods. I didn’t over indulge but I did enjoy what the chef prepared. 🙂

  7. Traveled to Germany for work and used the resort gym for workouts but not the same equipment as I’m used to. Oh well, adapt and press on!

  8. Worked out this morning. Felt great! Plus, everyone is noticing that I’ve lost weight so that’s another big motivator. I’m also building muscle and that is so awesome. I could get addicted to this!

  9. Thanks Monica! I was pretty happy….especially because my family LOVES desserts and treats so there were plenty of options. I almost caved a time or two but managed to resist. Hope things are going well for you!

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