"Thin in 30"- Day 14

“Thin in 30”- Day 14


Day #14
Run 10 mins
4x100m sprints
run 4 mins

Time between Sprints= full recovery  2-5 mins

Sprints EXAMPLE-

Then last evening,  I had a good run~

I ran 2 times around my block- about a 10 min run (.7mi each block)
rested (walked) for 1.5 mins
Sprinted 100m- fire hydrant to fire hydrant on the street in front of my house 🙂
rested (walked) for 2 mins- walked back to starting place
Sprinted 100m
rested (walked) for 2 mins

As an extra I ran 1 more time around the block (5mins)


Small shoulder workout:

DB Militay, DB Upright rows, bent over lateral raises, font raises – 3×10 circuit

Today’s Diet focus:

No dairy

Week #3 workouts attached for download!!

Thin in 30 – Week 3



13 Replies to “"Thin in 30"- Day 14

  1. I’m away for a week so I’ll be trying hard to eat well and exercise. I’m off this morning. Yay- so looking forward to it. Keep up the hard work everyone!

  2. I always look forward to the sprints. I became an avid runner about 2 months ago and these sprints really bring up my workout.

  3. Might lift since I missed Saturday…no matter what I AM DOING SOMETHING! NO DIARY!!!???? I guess I can go without a Greek treat today…LOL!

  4. I was pumped and ready for the gym yesterday, had the “Eye of the Tiger” song going in my head, Whooo, then showed up to the gym. I forgot they close early on Saturday.

  5. My husband and I spent the weekend at Daytona Beach we had a wonderful time but it’s back to reality now

  6. CD 2 I got painful menstrual cramps this morning! I haven’t had cramps in years. I hope they’re not related to Mangodrin. I’m weak and sore from yesterdays weight lifting circuit.

  7. didn’t get the workout it, went hiking and swimming after church today. I did eat well though, so hopefully the hiking was enough.

  8. I can easily do the no dairy. I rarely have milk or cheese. In fact, I find I don’t miss it anymore.

  9. Hiking and swimming count!! if you really want to see results, swap one of your rest days for make up Sprint day.

  10. hope not too…I know some months are just crazy like that. Hang in there! Good hormone days are coming!

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