"Thin in 30"- Day 11

“Thin in 30”- Day 11

We made it through the first 10 days~ 1/3 of the contest~ and guess what??? NOW it’s time repeat the first ten days again!!!  For Day 11 we have the same workout as day 1 and same diet focus, day 12 the same as day 2 and so on…. The program is designed this way for many reasons:

  • THIS will give you GOALS!
  • the first 10 days set a standard- now you can compete with yourself
  • you NOW know what each workout feels like, what weights challenged you, what exercises were your favorites, etc…
  • You can also challenge yourself to do better on each daily diet focus!! And try some of the strategies utilized by other contest members etc…
  • Gives you an opportunity to “get it right this time”
  • you can compete with  performances of others on the same workouts (many of you posted GREAT ones in your blogs)

***Please note*** I will be adding to the number of sprints each week and giving you “optional EXTRAS” for your workouts.


Workout # DAY #11
Exercises: Chest:
4sets of x10 reps
Pull ups
Knee ups
1-2 mins between sets



Bench: Push ups, wall push ups, DB Press, Chest press

Squats: Body weight squats, Band Squats, Dumbell Squats, Leg Press, Lunges

Pull ups: Band over hook pull downs, Pull downs, inverted/supine pull ups, DB rows, etc…..


Some video links-



Today’s Diet Focus:

Drink more WATER!
Strive for at least 1 gallon a day~ You need water to keep your body hydrated, kidneys working properly, flush the toxins and fat out of your system.  Also be aware that you need more water to digest protein than any other type of food…so as you up your protein intake you need to up your water intake.


Let’s get after it and keep our focus!! Consistency is key!!!

Your friend,



10 Replies to “"Thin in 30"- Day 11

  1. Feeling great! The week has been tough as far as fitting in exercise! Diet is my focus and that’s been a little rocky this week so far too- those damn margaritas!!! Back in action today!

  2. I had a little trouble with working out today. Wanted to quit early, but didn’t! I pushed myself and completed it. Now I feel like I really accomplished something!

  3. Today, I focused on my diet and was able to hit the gym for some weights n cardio, normally i do kickboxing. So proud of kyself. With the help of mangodrin, i am sure i will reach my goal! Focus focus FOCUS, is what i need to stick to! But of course its tough with 4 kids!

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