"Thin in 30"- Day 9

“Thin in 30”- Day 9


Day #9
Run 10 mins
3x100m sprints
run 4 mins
Full recovery 2-5 mins between sets.  Push hard run FAST!! Each sprint should take only 15-20 seconds of all out effort

Today’s Diet focus:

Supplements- TAKE THEM! learn about them, review them, buy them, organize them, experiment with them, etc….

Often times we have the best intentions when purchasing supplements and then they sit in the cupboard and ROT!  Don’t let that happen! Take your supplements daily- they do help!!

Body, Soul/mind and Spirit are synergistic; they work together. Take some time today to address your “mental and spiritual fitness” and you will find being fit in BODY will comes much less effort.  

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17 Replies to “"Thin in 30"- Day 9

  1. Keeping up with things. Did a version of these interval runs including 2 sprints. The first serious sprinting I have done in a long while. It was fantastic. Absolutely loved the air in my lungs. Having being a heavy smoker many many moons ago, it’s great to feel my lung capacity grow and my breathing during training improve.

  2. Woo Hoo! I’ve already gotten my sprints in for the day! Working out CONSISTENTLY has begun to give me so much more energy!

  3. What’s the best source you have found to learn about supplements? books, online etc.
    What staple supplements would you recommend to a fit 30 year old mother of 2? : )

  4. I’ll be getting those sprints done today! I like to do them better in the pm than am as is I do them early, I don’t have the same energy for my workouts.

    I take msm, vit d and started taking something called bladder ease that has quercitin (natural anti-inflamatory) glucosamine and some other herbs. I notice it’s been helping with my joints as well as bladder, total bonus! Other than that, I make a green juice every morning, and that is my natural vitamin/ nutrient infusion! I really notice a difference since I started doing this regularly, as Multi vitamins always seem to upset my stomach.

  5. so sore! Due to my spinal issues, I can’t follow all of the work outs, so I have modified, but I’ve been doing good and am down 2 lbs! Since I turned 40 last Thursday, this is a great day! I needed this.

  6. I have done that with my supplements. I have found some that expired two years ago! Gotta start using them.

  7. I cant believe it’s day 9 already ! I’ll be heading to the gym later and will do my sprints there.

  8. Though I haven’t seen any difference in my weight or waist line, I do enjoy working out! I don’t rememver it being this fun, then again it’s been so long since I did it. I just wish I didn’t have a hectic schedule, I could spend more time at the gym.

  9. Ahhh this is harder than I anticiated! Although the Mangodrin has curved my appetite, I seem not eat the right kinda foods. Darn Hawaii vacation! Tomorrow is a new day and will start the dedication to Thin in 30! Heres to a hard work out and eating healthy!!!

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