"Thin in 30"- Day 7

“Thin in 30”- Day 7


#Day 7
“Buffing” Intervals:
5 min. warm up
#1-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#2-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#3-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#4-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#5-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#6-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#7-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#8-30 sec hard
2.5 min.+ cool down
This is 20 min total: 4 extremely hard min. total

Today’s Diet focus:

No Dessert- let’s strive to get out of the dessert habit! Break that habit and watch your belly be gone!!


Be sure to DOWNLOAD the attached PDF containing all of  week #2’s workouts.

Thin in 30

Congrats on making it through the first week!! Just about 3 weeks left to get BUFF!! Let’s do it!!

It works if you work it!!



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  1. I had a great lifting day yesterday in the a.m. then went for a run in the evening. Diet is still my challenge, my goal for today is to focus on clean eating. Off to run some intervals!

  2. No dessert – we can handle that! Down four pounds so far! Reved up and ready for week two. Thanks for all your inspiration and help!

  3. I am so up for that! My kids think they need dessert every night and I totally disagree. I would love to break them of that habit.

  4. Had an awesome workout today after our power finally came back on. Did some cardio and booty sculpting this evening. I am still so pumped for this challenge! No dessert this evening shouldn’t be too hard since we don’t have anything planned 🙂

  5. The no dessert reminder was timely. I’m sitting here between my husband and son as they are eating chocolate ice cream. 🙁 not me 🙂

  6. First week didn’t go as plan….I’m not going to focus on the past week going to instead focus on the next three weeks …forward progress from here on out…..

  7. the one day i do have something planned!!! I will stay away from the dessert table for sure! So pumped for todays exercises, I got some new music which should help me get right through it…

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