"Thin in 30"- Day 6

“Thin in 30”- Day 6

We have a Killer day in store for us!!!

Just one more day and we’ll be a WEEK into it!!

Have you made progress?? Please share how your first week went with us in tby commenting below~!


Day #6
“Others day”
Incline flys
Dead lifts
Seated row
Ball crunches
REST between sets= 2mins -feel free to stertch and do abs between sets!

Today’s Diet Focus:

No Bread

Bread is a sneaky way for carbs to come into your diet.  If you focus on NO BREAD, you’ll open up a world full of new food possibilities. The goal of this diet focus is to make you aware of that there are MANY other great carb choices besides bread to choose from.  FRUIT, Veggies, Rice, Beans, Sweet Potatoes, etc…

Using lettuce in place of bread is another great option~

Bread is most often made from wheat and wheat can cause stomach irritation for some people- “GLUTEN” is a substance that is rough and can “scratch” the insides of our digestive track- sometimes it leads to IBS or other digestive issues.  If you are someone who sufferers from bloating, constipation, gas, etc… Limiting gluten intake may help your body be HAPPY.

Are you wondering what is considered bread??

Honestly I want you to choose your own definition but in general terms~

Bread= any baked grain product made with yeast (yeast is another thing that can cause an unhealthy physical reaction in women especially)

REMEMBER! Don’t get too technical…

Just KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)!!!

Your friend,




19 Replies to “"Thin in 30"- Day 6

  1. The week has not gone too badly. I wish I had worked out harder but I am terrified of burning out. Although this evening, I am very tempted to max up my workout!

    My eating has not been bad. I am a coconut basmati rice addict. Thursday and Friday I could not resist having very small amounts of this but I want to go back to eliminating it again for a bit.

    I think I look a bit trimmer but not quite sure. I want to hold out measuring or weighing myself till the end of the contest.

    Hang on in there Ladies. We have not got long to go and we can make it!!

  2. I’m feeling great. This challenge has helped me to focus on me. No matter how my day goes, I know that I’ve taken at least 45 minutes from the day to work on me. It is infectious. I’m feeling good and the people around me respond. Thats a win-win!

  3. I love going to the gym but don’t like to be there more than an hour to hour and a half. Love this weeks workouts, gym time has been cut down but the workouts are every intense. Thanks Michelle

  4. Worked out hard and have really been concentrating on the diet . . . down 2.5 LBS so far and it’s only week 1! YAY ME!

  5. Need to concentrate more on diet! With a toddler in the house, I’ve been slipping in some graham crackers here and there and they add up! He has them with fruit for his snack and they’re just so darn tempting! :/

  6. No bread is a tough one for me….sandwiches for lunch are a staple. I know that diet is key though. Feeling good…Just trying to keep the migraines at bay so that I can increase my exercise intensity.

  7. Hey ladies! The week has gone pretty well except for these 104+ temperatures! Goodness it’s hot! My gym is in my garage so I have been “sweating” it out 🙂 My hubby and I leave for our annual “grown up” trip to Chicago on Thursday (to be on the boat-bikini time) so I have been trying to step it up! 🙂 Have a good day ladies! I am going skiing and wakeboarding today (count as a cardio?) 😉

  8. Just finished 3 miles of lamp post to lamp post sprints, followed by a 1 mile cool down. Here’s hoping the headaches stay away because right now I feel great! Love all the positive talk on this blog.

  9. Thanks for the reminder about the no bread! So far so good today. Looking forward to my workout this evening! I’m looking slimmer and feeling great!

  10. My week has been ok…cd1 is close and I can feel it…I had to leave the gym early yesterday morning because I was all clammy and feverish feeling…ick…but…TODAY IS A NEW DAY!!!! No bread, no problem. Yay!!!

  11. Step n sculpt class then workout. then heading for a3 hour zumba jam session – so plenty of cardio!

  12. Week has been great – I have had alot of energy as I have taught my group exercise cardio and sculpt classes. I feel like I am looking leaner and loving it.

  13. I was doing well last week using my bikini competition diet. I needed to get back on track, and that helped. I even stuck to my diet over the weekend while we were camping, and I weighed myself Monday morning and I went up 4 POUNDS! I’m not one that usually flucuates like that, especially when I’m eating so clean. I let that really get me down, and even though I started on the Mangodrin on Monday, I didn’t feel any different with it, and spent three days eating everything in sight! I went up to 133, when I had been 124 the week before. It is my Buffing time, so I’m not sure why I went off the rails so badly! I spent Thursday and Friday mainly having shakes and bars, though I don’t like to do that on a regular basis. I’m 130 right now, and exercising 6 days a week. I hope next week is better!

  14. Hey, feeling great today! Just went on a bike ride with my husband who is a Marine w/one amputated leg. He uses a hand crank bike!! About to go to church then gonna do my work outs this evening! This week I have lost my back fat and can tell a diff. in my belly. I guess not bloated from all the water and all the healthy eating! This is awesome! Yaay!

  15. This week hasn’t gone badly at all. 3.5 lbs, and just shy of two inches off my waist. Been on crutches for almost a year, so activity, and being ABLE to be active again, is amazing!

  16. This has been a very for me, I lost 4.2 pounds. I have not done my measurements. I’ve been eating every 3-4 hours, grilled chicken, baked fish, shrimp green beans, broccoli. I hope that the next couple of weeks will be easy.

  17. It’s gonna be tough to get around family bbqs where there are chips and macaroni salad! But i have to do this for myself!

  18. so hard to stay away from wheats but i got a lot of gluten free bread and bagels so i have learned to stay away from bread there and i am trying my best to stay away from pastas that arent made with spelt or gluten free. I have noticed over the past 2 months by removing as much gluten as possible my bloating has gone down a significant amount and i can now begin to see some different in my body more so in inches lost then pounds.

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