"Thin in 30"- Day 3

“Thin in 30”- Day 3

Whoohoo!! we’ve made it to Day 3!!! WooHoo!

You are doing great!! I realize that you may be a little tired but take comfort  that day 5 is a rest day!!  So let’s keep pushing until then!! You CAN DO IT!!


Today’s workout is a circuit style lifting workout.  What that means is to do a set the first exercise, then the next, then the next, etc…until the entire list of exercises is complete- then REPEAT the entire series for the allotted sets.

For this specific workout we are focusing on “auxiliary” lifts- different exercises than we did on day 1 that will “hit” our muscles a little differently.  The mover are mostly for smaller muscle groups than BASIC moves, thus termed Auxillary.




Workout  Day #3
“Auxiliary day”
CIRCUIT very little rest between sets= 15-30 seconds
Exercises: Upper:
1. Push ups
2. Tricep extensions
3. Bicep curls
4. Shoulder press
5. Leg curls
6. Leg extensions
7. Old school sit ups
8. Cats/dogs


Push ups- On knee push ups, wall push ups, perfect push ups, chest press machine, DB press on ball, etc….

Tricep extensions- chair dips, tricep push downs, tricep kick backs, french press, tricep machine, overhead db extensions, etc…

Shoulder press- DB overhead press, military/shoulder press machine, Arnolds, etc…

Leg Curls- dead lifts all varieties, ball leg curls, froggy squats

Leg Extensions- lunges -stationary, walking, smith, etc…, Close stance squats, front squats, leg press, etc….


Today’s Diet Focus:

NO Carbonation!

Carbonation throws our entire body’s pH balance off- eliminating it will help you eliminate toxins from your system and allow your body to function in a less stressed state.  Less stress=more results!

Here’s some cool info on it: http://www.ehow.com/about_6362618_carbonated-flat-water-healthy-kidneys.html


Keep us posted on how you are doing by taking a few mins to blog in the rally room.  Blogging is easy- just write what you are thinking, what you did for the day, how you feel, what you ate, what your plans are, etc…


You can’t do it wrong~ so JUST DO IT!!


Your friend,




40 Replies to “"Thin in 30"- Day 3

  1. Love the piece on carbonation. My whole crew needs to hear that. Since I’m also doing Michelle’s SSS Video Coaching my workout for today is Intervals and Abs, which is good because I’m still nursing a pulled muscle in my upper back. Feeling good overall and I’ve definitely noticed strength gains in the 3 weeks since starting the video coaching. I love have the Thin in 30 as extra motivation to stay on track. 🙂

  2. Did the workout this morning but didn’t do the circuit part of it. I did however waited 15-30secs between sets. I still felt the burn and was sweating. Next week I will do it right. Still need to do my photos and stats. M

  3. My work schedule doesn’t allow me to workout with the recommended schedule, but I am doing what I can to work in as many workouts as possible. A little sidetracked this am with a horrible migraine. Off to a slow start, but hoping the day will improve as it goes.

  4. I’m right there with you…gotta get my photos and stats done too…It’s been so busy around here!

  5. HI! the rule of thumb is “When in doubt, start with Buffing”
    So start with 2 weeks of buffing, followed by 2 weeks of boosting
    At the same time CHART your symptoms.
    The biggest 2 you will notice as you enter into your boosting phase are: bad sleep and more hunger

    As you chart you will then be able to match your buffing and boosting phases better to your cycle.

  6. We have days off built in so you can make up days as you go…You can also combine lifting days with the interval/sprints days- that way you can have even more flexibility.

  7. Being tired really is a contributing factor to bad diet choices. Try to get some extra ZZZZZ’s if possible!

  8. I’m keeping a food journal now. I am blown away by how much my eating and snacking was out of control. I did great today by recording my mood and meals and getting in a great workout.

  9. Wow! I’m tired from my sprints last night. It has been probably 6 weeks since I’ve ran. It felt good at the time, but my body is tired today. I’m loving it though. I’ve not uploaded my pics yet, but I did take them 🙂 Lets all keep up the good work! We can do this!!

  10. Have three classes to teach today – two cardio and on sculpting – will make it a circuit workout!

  11. Did not do the exercise today but I did remain true to my eating. Also, stayed hydrated especially in this heat. I also need to do my photos and stats. I will have my daughter help me with that TODAY. No more procrastination on that part. lol

  12. Well iv already dropped some weight! Yay!!! Truthfully I am not doing the suggested workout routines, however, I am getting in activity daily. Today I will do two workouts!!! Went to the movies lastnight and managed to skip the popcorn and candy! It’s very important to have my BF sooo supportive-Mazatlan in 20 days!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  13. Did the workout. Feel great! Took the pictures, but haven’t done my stats yet. Getting that taken care of today. Intaking a lot more water, which is nice. I already don’t drink carbonated drinks, so that part shouldn’t be too tough. LOL. All in all, feeling really good. Working on fine tuning the diet just a little more. I work late nights and sometimes don’t make the best decisions on food when I’m exhausted!

  14. A little tired from my 5k race last night (which btw I got a PB) but ready to get into this workout. Looking forward to not only seeing results this month but completing the contest!

  15. I’m doing well with the workouts with slight modifications. I’m training for a half marathon and 84 mile relay race so I’ve been squeezingin cardio daily. Eating right is my biggest hurdle. I LOVE junk food way too much.

  16. Yahoo!!! Feeling GOOD!! Still hurting from day one squats, but love the energy that I am getting! Preperation for me is key! As long as I have planned out for the day what I am going to eat I am golden…however if I dont, thats when I make bad choices. I stepped on the scale for the first time in months to get my stats and boy was that a downer on one hand, but motivation! Its all about the baby steps! Today is day 3, and day 30 will come faster then we think! No stopping!!!

  17. Feeling GREAT but a lil tired. I’m going to push thru the exercises and meal plan. I have to complete the workout for today, later. Wishing everyone good success. LiveFit!!!

  18. Just finished with my workout! Trying to keep on track with my diet. How do you suppose that I could “guess” my cycle day? I haven’t had a period since August of last year when I got pregnant with my second child. I had him in May and have been breastfeeding, so no period yet. I’m in the process of weaning him, so should I just wait to start charting until I have a period???

  19. I have always worked out, but have been working many many hours, this month have been hitting the gym 11/2 at a time… great workouts, sore but good. Anyone have good breakfest ideas???? Not much of a morning eater, I have a protien shake but those get boring after a while..

  20. Wow. I was surprised to hear about carbonation. My husband drinks 3-4 diet cokes a day! Luckily I am staying away from sodas and concentrating on drinking lots of water.

  21. Day 3 of eating perfect,drinking nothing but H2O and doing the workouts! My body is feeling it, and my mind is loving it! I have had lots of energy! I am so proud of myself and all you other ladies out there! Enjoy reading other stories to help keep me motivated!! God Bless!!

  22. Eating clean but having a hard time eating 5 proteins a day. I’ll get there. I’m Enjoying the workouts.

  23. My first day! Just got back from vacation, good piece of information to start my 30 day challenge!

  24. Hey ladies! Just checking in! This is a great tool to keep us accountable, isn’t it?! 🙂 I feel RAVENOUS today, ate a little more than I should have, but pushed harder at work out time. I am a novice at all of this. But I must meet my goal. I always said I would get fit in my 30’s once my kiddos got a little less dependent. ( I am almost 39, so I better move it)! So, here I am! I am loving it. But I know I will need to lean on all of you through these 30 days. Keep it working! All the best to each of you.

  25. I did it! First time to lift weights at the gym since oh, college 13 years ago. I was nervous about locating the machines, remembering how to use them, looking like a fool, etc so I put on my favorite running skirt and a cute new Brooks running top, and off I went. Success! I felt so “empowered” all afternoon.

  26. its sad that coke used to be my sweet treat! but i have no problems ditching it! water all the way, i started to slice up fruit and put it in my water to give it more colour and its gives it a hint of a fruity taste.

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