"Thin in 30" CONTEST Diet

“Thin in 30” CONTEST Diet :

A lot of results can happen in just 30 days of working out but if you really want to get results you need to FOCUS on your diet also.  For this contest we will have a “Daily Diet Focus” and OVERALL “5&5+” Diet goal:

OVERALL “5&5+” Diet goal:

By “5&5+” I am referring to serving guidelines- let’s put are focus on what TO Eat in a day vs. What NOT to eat:

5 proteins servings daily
5 Fruits and veggies

+Plus FAT = what ever FATS come with those proteins, fruits and veggies (meat fats, dressings, oils, butter, etc…)

Don’t go overboard with “extra fats” and be WISE about your food choices- but PLEASE enjoy your food and fats in moderation. They are good for you and needed for a healthy body! (FYI- this 5&5+ fits perfectly into my hormonal timing diet recommendations for buffing …more info on that is in my books) chef

Like I said- “FOCUS on what we CAN EAT vs. what we can’t- FOCUS on Solutions!!!”


5 fruits/Veggies is the goal- CARBS are in many fruits and many veggies

it’s up to you on how few carbs you get in by the selections you make-

In an optimal weight loss “buffing” style diet (the 5-3-3-3)- you’d want about 3 of the choices to be CARB based (like fruit or complex carb veggies like sweet potatoes, etc..) and the other 2 from greens

BUT PLEASE let’s keep this simple! If you focus on 5 Proteins &5 fruit/veggies + the accompanying Fats you will



11 Replies to “"Thin in 30" CONTEST Diet

  1. Can anybody recommend what foods are good to keep on hand? What’s good for snacks, easy meals, etc?
    Shelly B.

  2. I LOVE brussel sprouts baked in the oven with EVOO and spices! keep carrots and greek yogurt dip on hand too

  3. Just to name a few….Good foods to keep on hand are any type of protein that is cooked and ready to EAT. Chicken, eggs, protein bars, shakes, etc…
    Veggies and fruits – cucumbers, green beans, carrots
    Apples, rasins

  4. Here are a few of my favorite that I use for a snack or a quick meal…
    -Apple or other fruit with almond butter
    -Hummus with carrot sticks or sliced green peppers
    -Guacamole with carrot sticks or celery or peppers
    -apple sauce and yogurt mixed with flax seed and berries
    -Cottage cheese and sunflower seeds
    -A couple hard boiled eggs with carrot and celery sticks and hummus
    -(ants on a log) Celery sticks with sugar free peanut butter and raisins
    -(Lettuce wraps) with avocado slices sprouts and deli turkey
    -A piece of sprouted grain toast (like Ezekiel bread ) with peanut butter (sugar free) and honey
    -Fresh sliced pineapple with a handful of macadamia nuts
    -(juevos rancheros) fried eggs with salsa

  5. On this first day of trying to ensure enough protein, fruits/veggies and water, I’m realizing how hard it is to get in enough protein with how I’m used to eating. However, I’ve decided to celebrate increasing my protein. Even if it is not enough, it’s certainly better than I’ve been doing before now.

  6. Great attitude Megan!! I know it can be tough…once you start seeing how your body responds it’ll be easier!

  7. Great way to look at your diet. Focus on what to eat not on what not top eat! I argee for 100% whit what you say. People need to focus on the good that the bad will not effect you. So what you can’t eat will not effect you if you never mind it.

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