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Today was a busy, non-computer day for me:

  • I started off by going to the bank and got $200 in $1’s for my kids and their allowance over these summer months (not for the strip club ).
  • Then came home grabbed some food for me and then took the kiddos to Mc D’s and off we went to pick some berries.  We had a blast picking what we thought were black berries, but they are super bitter…so I’m not sure what they are?  
  • After the berry picking trip we came home, cleaned up a bit and then I worked with a friend of mine to clear out a bunch of charity give aways in my garage.  It feels so great to have that clutter out of my garage!
  • The next trip was to a local swim meet where my neice was competing, so cool to see her swim!! I think she’s got huge potential in the sport!
  • After that I dropped of DD #1 to join DD#3 @ VBS
  • I just now got back from a 4 miler in the 90 degree temps…I am truly hot and sweaty, but I feel great!Sherry was right when she posted earlier this week that just 4 mins of some sort of exercise can change a person’s whole outlook on life!  Gunner also went with me the first 1.4 miles!! He’s gonna run a 5k with me in August.

Last night had a decent back, shoulder, bicep and interval run all with my MAN!! The this morning had a leg workout today with my friend Nicole:

my weight 126#, cycle day 25
warm up r-bike 7 mins
Squats 45×10, 95×10, 135×10, 155×10, 175×7
Leg press, leg extensions, calf raises
4 sets of abs

then I worked on computer stuff…we got a new computer and also had to clear off some memory from my old laptop.  Gunner is excited about doing some internet work- he’s got a great website domain and should really put up a store and workouts on it 😉

I also worked on my videocoaching site a bit, re-organizing stuff a bit and I got to talk with Brenda about her show in 10 days!!! YIPPIEE!! she’s gonna rock that stage!!

A rather productive day!

Hope your’s was too,

Now I’ve gotta shower, get DDs from VBS, EAT and RELAX! Mom w/kids and groceries

Love ya,




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