Rollercoaster Week

My Birthday week was tough on me…I did have a GREAT Birthday Day an loved it, but at the same time I struggled.  The thing is I don’t want to get old, but I know I have to.  I want to be accepting of my age- I want to age gracefully, YET….I fight it!  I know that 36 is not exactly old, but it sounds and feels a whole lot older than 35.  Oh well…nothing I can do about getting older- it’s just part of life!

Monday- Down day…I was in a funk!  Had a super lazy bug…did some “gardening/weeding” as therapy.  I had NO WORKOUT and I didn’t get any of my “work” done that I had planed on doing, except that I did have a great coaching call with Brenda- she’s gonna rock the stage in a month in Norfolk!!  That night we went shopping- had to get one piece suits for my girls’ for fun/field day at their school…we found some nice ones at Dillards.  We also hit Target, where I bought a few shirts and a pair of shorts.  Including my b-day outfit:

Tuesday **My Birthday**- UP day…a great run with hill sprints- total of 36 mins (incuding some walking recovery) in honor of my 36th b-day I was “HIGH” after this and finished with 3 sets of abs.  My body was feeling great and I weighed in at 124!! I felt Sizzlin’!!  After school I took the kids out for dinner at Johnny Carinos, I had a yummy pecan crusted spinach salad. Then, that night my girls had to sing at the local minor league baseball game, The Arkansas Naturals.  The whole deal is kinda a school fundraiser (scam)…we had to pay to get the kids into the game so they could sing, lol.. It cost us $40 to get in and half of that money went to our school.  The funny thing about it is that was for 5 tickets and my DD won a prize for being a top seller. The prize was a behind the sceens tour of the facilities.  So we all got to go see the press box, the suites and the batting cages. After the game Travis was able to take me out for a little birthday celebration!! We were both TIRED but I’m so glad we got to spend some time OUT together. The day was also such a blessing because of the HUNDREDS of birthday wishes and blessings I received.  I felt so honored and happy to be rewarded with such love!! It’s so true that if you give love out, you get it back hundred fold!!  I am so thankful to have amazing friends who LOVE ME!!

Here’s a pic of the kids and I prior to our dinner:

Wednesday Down and UP day. It was down because my birthday was OVER …and I needed to get back to life/work, yet I couldn’t find my focus.  I’ve been having such a hard time focusing on my day to day work responsibilities.  Summer is here and the last thing I want to do is be behind the computer.  I have a few FUN business things in the works… it’s hard for me to be patient while waiting for them to formulate.  I guess I’m in a “transition” stage once again.  I love change and all it the excitement it brings, but at the same time I am so darn impatient that I struggle with the “transitional” period.  Anyhow…I didn’t workout on Wednesday, but I did train a client.  Which was the start of my UPWARD swing to the day.  The afternoon brought great work news for Travis’! God has really blessed his work!  As a celebration …I took him out for an AWESOME Steak at Bonefish…we had a good time!  I am so blessed to have such an amazing MAN!

Thursday– Down day- “tired Thursday”…need I say more, lol!  all the GO, GO, GO of the week caught up with me.  My energy was down and despite many good things happening.  I was down due to some disappointments during the day. Once again my lack of PATIENCE is what hindered my day from being GOOD.  I think I need to PRAY for patience!

Today to FOREVER!! UP day!!  I am UP and determined to be UP today!! We are fired up and determined to be patient and excited for the good and bad things life, change, business and transitional stages bring with it. With God’s help I am determined to stay UP (JOYFUL) through all of life’s circumstances.

My plan is to make every day an UP DAY!!

Let’s do it!!

Love ya,




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