MY Sizzlin' in 6 results!!! please submit yours!!!

MY Sizzlin’ in 6 results!!! please submit yours to

Simply send me your results, Please include before and after pics along with a short written testimony about how helped you succeed! Everyone who sends in an entry will get a free “gift” from me!! Thanks!!!

My Sizzlin’ in 6 contest was a success for me! I had super focus the first 4 weeks, 1 week of RECOVERY and 1 final week of intense focus and success.  The contest really cooresponded well with my personal goal to be in great shape for my birthday!!  I started the contest with a solid weight of 129 and with a FOOTBALL player body.  I finished the contest with a model body that weighed in 5 pounds lighter at 124.  My before pics are in polka dots and my after pics are in green stripes.

Let’s keep those sizzlin’ hot bodies over the summer with consistent workouts and good choices.  We will be announcing our next contest soon!! It’ll be about 4 weeks in duration and start the mid July!!

Thanks for all the awesome participation, please be sure to share with your friends!!




5 Replies to “MY Sizzlin' in 6 results!!! please submit yours!!!

  1. Absolutely amazing Michelle! I need to participate in your workouts and contests. I used to be in amazing shape BC (before child) and now I am in good shape too, but I know I can achieve even better! And I agree with you….just because one is married and a mother, one can be hot! 🙂 You just showed it and amazing results. Congrats!

  2. HI Michelle,
    Well done!, you’re such an inspiration. Birthdays can be hard, but if you consider that you may very well live till you’re 90 you arent even half way yet!, you’re a spring chicken.

  3. Michelle, you look stuning both before and after! Glad it was a success for you! 🙂

  4. Great before and after photos Michelle. I’m almost ready to submit mine…but not quite. Maybe after the July contest. I have seen great results so far! and I am really excited about them. A bit more work and I’ll be were I want to be!

  5. I also do not want to be on your naughtly list and plan to submit after the 30 day contest starting August 1. Please don’t put me on your naughtly list 🙂

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