FINAL DAY!! MAKE IT COUNT~ INTERVALS HARD followed by 3 sets of push ups, 3 sets of pull ups and 3 sets of squats!! FINISH STRONG!!!SUNDAY REST DAY/OFF!!

Take your final stats, measurements and pictures sometime in the next 3 days- and submit your final entry!

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Remember to JUST BELIEVE!!



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  1. Hi,
    What do you count as “one serving” of carbs? 15-20 grams? More? I’ve looked this up online and can’t seem to find consistent answers.

  2. Took my “after pictures” today. Significant improvement, but not quite there yet! 😉

  3. Where do we submit the final measurements, etc? I just took them and was surprised that even with a rough final week there was still something to show for all the work! I know once I get home Thursday I’ll get back on track … I just don’t allow all the junk food in my house. We’ve been eating dessert after lunch, dinner, AND between meals and at night!!

  4. Got my weights in and some abs and push ups! always feel like i could do more abs. 🙂 now i need to run!

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