And the Scale goes DOWN>>>>

Down to 124.8 this morning!! That’s 5 pounds since Sunday, YAY!!  I’ve been taking a capsule of Mangodrin daily since Monday and I know it’s helped me with the little extra “boost” I needed to get my eating and workouts back on track.

I ran early again today:
3.5 miles total intervals during the first 15 mins…then during
one stretch I competed with myself on and “out and back”…the out was from the time of 12:30 to 18:30…so 6 mins.  The back was from the time of 18:30 to 23:15 so 4 mins and 45 seconds…and it was on a slight uphill grade.

The time at the 3 mile marker was 23:30…so that’s a 30 second improvement from the last time I ran the same route about 2 weeks ago. My overall time was 27:30 for the 3.5 miles (which included 1:30 sec of a walk) after my hard out/back segment 🙂

I had an amazing conversation with Sherry after my run. She’s so full of insight and delightful energy. I could talk for her for 5 days straight!!  We are getting her ready to hit the stage for a contest at the end of October.  We talked a ton about it, but also so many other topics: track, kids, husbands, sales, education, missions, fundraising, California, Kenisha’s contest journey, Brenda’s contest, infomercials, ski trips, trips to Nebraska/Council Bluffs, trips to Arkansas, trips to the beach, etc….  Thanks for the great call Sherry!!

Later today, I have a meeting about amping up my local business efforts, but first I must go pick my 3 sweet little ladies up from school- they have 1 week left.

Have a wonderful FRIENDLY FRIDAY!!




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