I promise, I am not being lazy

I promise, I am not being lazy….I really did need to take the past 5 days off of working out, lol! :hehe:  Honestly, It was time for a physical and mental break from workouts for me.  I had not taken an intentional “break” in quite some time…so I was over-due for a few days off.  Also, I think that football really took a bigger toll on my little body that I realized- bruises, cuts, sprains and strains were a constant part of my life for 4+ months…Now that I am done with it, the 5 days off workouts should be enough to get me healthy.  The break was much more needed on the MENTAL side of things….NOW after the rest, My body and MIND are feeling better. I’ll be hitting my running and lifting workouts again this week in preparation for my Birthday next Tuesday (I’ll be 36) and my AUGUST goals of running a 5k (the13th) and celebrating my 18th Wedding Anniversary(the 28th)!!  Having solid Goals is always a must with me!!

Since football is over, I need a new focus.  I am theorizing that will be DANCING.  I have a X-box 360 Kinect Dance Central game and several Dance DVD’s that’ll get me started on my road to learning some “MOVES”…then maybe at some point I could take a class??  Anyhow…I think it’d be a fun way to get moving and give me a little excitement towards my workouts.  I’d also like to do some more tennis…the only problem with that is my partner (Mr. Berger) is quite busy with work these days and has little time to play with me Crying  I may recruit my son or one of my daughters to go play with me instead Mom w/kids and groceries

Okay…so we’ve got just 1 week left of our 6 week contest!! WOW!! It’s been a great ride!! I have been really keeping my food in check~ but need to add in my workouts again so that I can see a little fluff come off.  My weight is 130 today and I am on cycle day 3.  Buffing for me will start tomorrow…a day early this month (since I’d like at least 1 extra day to get some results prior to taking my ending contest photos)

Here’s the POA:

ABS daily
DIET HARD DAILY- caloric goal this final week- 1200/day  VERY low carbs- starting TUESDAY for Buffing Phase
Supplements: Buffing Pills, NoXS, Mangodrin, Calcium/mag/zinc, Selenium, Multi

Monday- run outside pm (at dusk)…upper body workout at home either before or after run; this will depend on how my to do list looks
Tuesday- LEGS @gym
Wed- run
Thurs-Chest/Tri/intervals @gym
Friday- Legs@gym- Start photo shoot prep
Sat- tennis with hubby?? or upper body lifting
Sun- run- LAST DAY OF S6 contest!!
Monday- Legs and take ENDING photos for S6

Let’s kick it in this week ladies!!




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