Day 36~ (MONDAY for many of us)

Warm up- 6 minutes of cardio- any type… ease into it, prepare your body and mind for an effective workout.

Upper Body #1, ABS and Intervals
1- Bench Press
– 3 sets of 10 (3×10)…
first set medium wt. warm up, second set heavier, heavier if needed ;
last set 10th rep should be close to failure
You Tube VIDEO-

(At home option: DB Chest Press-)
Between sets- ABS: Roman Chair Knee UPS- 2×20; Rest 1min (At home option: Knee Ups-
Soo…. For example:
Knee ups 20 reps
Rest 1min (up weights, stretch)
Knee ups 20 reps
Rest 1min (up weights, stretch)
Bench REST (clear weights)
Next exercise….
2- Incline Flys– 3 sets x10reps


Ball Crunches- 2×15; Rest 1 min
3- Pull Ups or Assisted Pull ups or Inverted Pull Ups-
2sets x10reps
Alternative Option: Inverted Pull ups-
You Tube Video-

ABS: Standing High Knees- 2×20 each leg; REST 1 min

4-Seated Row Machine- 3×10
or At Home option: Bent Over DB Rows-

ABS: CATS(and DOGS)- 2x 3 reps of each position-
holding both up (CAT) and down (DOG) for 5 seconds each

5-Bicep Curls 3×10 paired with Tricep Extensions 3×10

ABS: Vacuums- 2 x 5: 10 second vacuums (10-20 sec rest between reps)

I call them “BuffMotherobics!”-

“BuffMotherobics!”- any mode you like (running, swimming, biking, elliptical, jumprope, rowing, etc…)
20 minutes of “Even Minute” INTERVALS
Min 1-3: Warm up
Min 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 hard/ “on” even minutes
Min 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 easier/recovery minutes
Min 16-20 cool down



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  1. Teaching circuit class today..guess what exercises they will be doing LOL! Win/Win – I get to workout and so do they LOL!

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