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9 Replies to “s6day35

  1. Ahhhh…rest…I took my rest day yesterday (from workouts) so I need to hit it today! 🙂

  2. After Zumba training and dancing yesterday with a baby for an hour …I welcome the rest…(the baby was a friends not mine LOL!) I am happy with my 2 girls.

  3. Resting and more traveling! Sitting in a hotel room with my baby while my husband is practicing his saxophone. Glad grandma and grandpa enjoy taking care of the 2 big kids!

  4. Rested. Need to hit it hard this last week. The last few days I have been slacking on the healthy food. Need to step it up a notch to end great!

  5. I am right there with you…slacked last week and on tuesday I started focusing hard…I’ve lost 5 # of fluff!! KICK IT IN JENN!!

  6. No rest fir me today i had two days off this weekend. I already finished my workout and ready to start the busy day!

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