Just DIET!~ S6day32

I did it!! I did at least an 11 minute workout EVERY DAY IN MAY- I think I only had to resort to the 11 min version 2-3 times and about 4-5 of those workouts were long hikes in the woods- It’s not like I hit the gym for a crazy intense lifting workout every day…it was a good variety of workouts!!!

I was joking with my hubby last night that after working out for 31days in a row…. I deserve to take every day off in JUNE…BUT that’s just my hormones talking.  Cycle days 23, 24, 25 are the worst…I get feelings, thoughts and emotions that are just retarded during those days each and every month!  That’s why my theme for June is going to be “Just Diet” JUNE.

My focus is going to be on my diet~ it’s what needs the most work and much of what my problem is with consistency and quality of my food choices. I really need to force myself to count my portions this month and stay focused on eating protein, fruits and veggies!!  Due to my “BOOSTING” status I’ve been STARVING the past week…it’s crazy how a switch gets flipped every month after ovulation and I get HUNGRY!! Good to know I have a metabolism!!


So here’s a rough outline of my goals for eating during – a boosting day:

on empty- NOXS pills 2 with just water- wait 60 mins to eat
M1: PF -4 eggs over easy
M2: GPFC(fruit)-  a brocolli slaw salad with a small amount of shredded cheese, cashews, sesame seeds, asian dressing and deli turkey and a apple
muliti vitamin, boosting pills, calcium (with mag and zinc), Selenium
M3: PC-2 carrots- and a protein shake in water
M4: PPCGGF-  Taco Salad romaine and spinach- with hamburger meat corn chips are a veggie :), with some cheese and real ranch dressing
Treat= candy or popcicle or popcorn
Night time supplements- during boosting I’ll take variuous combinations of items to help me sleep like melatonin, zma, an hgh supplement, calcium

and yes, I do only eat about 4 times a day…I like to eat alot at most sittings vs. eating smaller more spaced out meals



Just do it,


P.S. Today is Sizzlin’ in 6; Day 32

OFF!! day for workouts



14 Replies to “Just DIET!~ S6day32

  1. Good focus for the month. I have to focus more on my diet. I don’t eat nearly enough in the day. Eating more, more often and cleaner.

  2. Thank you for being real w/ us! Love your goals for June; you’re gonna ROCK it!

  3. Oh goody. I felt bad for skipping my first workout in 5 weeks – looks like I didn’t skip anything after all!

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Great job, Michelle…YOU DID IT!!! WOOHOO! I love the focus for June…my diet always needs some scrutinizing!

  5. Wow that is just what I need. I know when I clean up my diet I drop the pounds.

    Goal: no more eating out of the soy nut butter jar!

    Getting enough protein and at least a 5 – 7 fruits and veggies a day.

    Thanks for your goals.

  6. Ok I am ON today! I guess c-day 15 (yesterday) is my BEWARE day!!!! My focus is ON my energy is UP my mood is GREAT and I am MOTIVATED!!!! I’ve only been charting for not quite 2 months, I can’t wait until Ive charted enough to be able to anticipate my BAD DAYS!!

  7. This was what i really needed to see!, things have been crazy the last couple of weeks with having to travel with my deaf kids to see drs in the city (usually involves overnighting). I was wondering how I would fit in all of my w/o’s next week, but will focus on diet while I’m away, and do as many w/o’s as I can at home!. Had a mother moment yesterday, one of my twins dropped a 1kg weight plate on his brother’s finger and managed to slice the end off it! yeouch!,two stitches, but nothing broken. Any good reason why all of these things happen while you’re boosting???

  8. Great going with hitting your ‘every day in may’ target!
    Love seeing what you eat, its kind of a reality thing, corn chips as a veg ;p allriggght!

  9. For my rest day I walked all over two airports with a 20-lb baby on my front, a backpack on my back, and a gigantic diaper bag, along with the suitcases that hold my husbands weights. I think I earned a cookie when we get to my parents’ house!

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