What Energizes You??~ S6 day 21

I think it’s very neat how each and everyone one of us are different~ what gets one person EXCITED can be extremely BORING to someone else.  That’s why I am wondering WHAT ENERGIZES YOU?  Will you share your answer with me by commenting here?

Some of the things that energize me are:

  1. Encouraging others- When I encourage others it keeps me energized to stay accountable myself and to set a good example~ otherwise I’d feel like a hypocrite
  2. Competition- give me a way to compete with someone and I will get intense!
  3. Performing- I like the pressure of needing to “perform”; I rise to the occasion and “turn it ON”
  4. Teaching others- I love sharing what I know with others~ I pride myself on being able to explain complicated things in a way that is not so complicated.
  5. SPORTS! I love playing and watching soooo many sports~ I used to think I should have been born a boy.
  6. RESULTS- getting results from something I worked towards energizes me to keep going!
  7. Seeing others succeed!! Success Stories are so inspirational and energizing
  8. Hormones- I am obsessed with hormones, lol!
  9. Supplementation- I love doing HUMAN exeriments on myself and learning about every type of nutrient known to man!
  10. Exercise and Sports Science~ I am a total nerd when it comes to this stuff!  I really love reading research articles, medical journals about anything to do with training and sports supplementation research, etc…I should really go back to school and get my masters or doctorate in it.

On the other hand, some things that DO NOT energize me are:

  • Handyman stuff
  • Tools
  • Crafts, Sewing, scrap-booking, etc…
  • Cooking, cleaning, housework
  • homework
  • reading for leisure (unless I have a reason to read something, you won’t find me reading)…I do like looking a pictures in magazines 🙂
  • decorating
  • shopping- unless it’s for shoes, I like shoes!
  • basic hygiene- I hate showering, shaving, blow drying my hair, putting on lotion, make up, etc…I do it, but I don’t like it!~LOL!

So what energizes you?
And how can you use those interests to energize others?

p.s. Contest HALF WAY point~ today’s a rest day!!  Week #4 starts tomorrow!!




15 Replies to “What Energizes You??~ S6 day 21

  1. Lol I am the total opposite! I LOVE to crochet, knit and sew. Decorating my house is a great pleasure for me and I am fondly known as the “Crazy Dog Lady”! I have four dogs and recently lost my fifth. On May 10th my 2 year old harlequin Great Dane, Andre the Giant, passed away from uncontrollable seizures. It was devastating and needless to say it took the wind out of my work-out-sails for a few days. I also have a Standard Poodle-Giuliana, a Brittany-JD, a Hairless Chinese Crested-Phoebe, and a wanna-be Chinese Crested who is actually a shih tzu/chihuahua mix who looks like a Chinese Crested when I clip her hair a certain way named Bianca or Puppy is what she’s most often called. As you can probably tell from my rambling, I am passionate about animals especially my vast array of personal pets!

  2. I love watching shows like the Biggest Loser to get me energized. Seeing those people pushing themselves even after they have left the show is very inspirational. I also look at success stories in fitness magazines and fitness Websites to energize me. When I’m feeling really lazy, I’ll watch those fitness shows to get me pumped up and then I’ll usually work out while watching them. I’m the same as you though Michelle, I do not enjoy showering and shaving, but I love a nice bubble bath. However, it is not energizing it’s relaxing thus why I do it before I go to bed. Helping others get started and continue down a path of fitness and wellness gets me energized, especially if I’m able to workout with them. I love helping others and the Rally Room message boards are the best way to get me energized.

  3. Funny. i think that everything that doesn’t energize you energizes me…except for the personal hygiene thing..I do it but I don’t like to. And I hate shopping as well!

  4. Reading exercise/diet books, trying new clean eating recipes, teaching fitness classes, trying to motivate the kids to stay active and make good clean choices about food and life. Practicing my Faith, learning more about my mind- body connection all motivate me.

  5. LOL! that IS funny…BUT great to show exactly what I am talking about- You have talent and gifts I don’t possess- so you can reach a whole different group of women than I can!! Go Energize someone!!

  6. Dogs are fun, I just got a dog (or should I say my DD got one) at Christmas- But, MAN She’s a ton of work!

  7. Whenever I am feeling ‘blah’ I put on my ipod and dance with my boys. Their laughter & excitement alone about dancing is enough to energize me.

  8. Lol oh yeah! And Cuji is a Maltese! Small but needing nearly constant grooming. Imagine that times 4! And the hairless Chinese crested needs regular grooming too believe it or not! 😉

  9. Seeing the pictures of your abs energizes me :). Or would that be motivates me? Anyway, I sure want a firm tum tum!

  10. Working out. Running. Encouraging others to work out or being able to show them ways to workout and eat right. Clearing out clutter in my house. Clutter drives me bonkers! Being outside hikking gardening running. Learning new things about health fitness spiritual health travel….getting things accomplished and seeing things checked off my to do list. Getting my kids out to run or play soccer or baseball. Setting a goal and reaching it…These energize me.

  11. Helping others does energize me, when my house is clean (unfortunately I don’t aways have this one). One of the most energizing things to me but I don’t get to do it often enough these days is scuba diving. Being under water break from from the world and know God created even more than most will ever see is awesome.

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