Procrastinator Michelle! S6day17

I am posting right now because I am procrastinating…I have to work on some tax stuff that I’ve been putting off for MONTHS, but with taxes due at the end of May, I guess I MUST get them done soon 😥

Procrastination is an art form in my opinion…I do things when the HAVE TO be done, not a moment sooner~ it’s my way to manage my time, lol!! I use this skill for so many things besides taxes. A couple of of my favorite applications for procrastination is Dishes, Laundry, Shaving, and Bills. Why bother doing a few dishes??? I need to wait until the entire counter is covered and I have plenty to easily fit into the dish washer. That way I don’t waste time trying to find the perfect dishes to fit.

Why do 1 load of laundry?? I wait until I can do at least 6 at once. I do all the washing and drying~ then later I fold all 6 loads~ the I put all the clothes away at the same time. Doing 6 loads at once saves time!

Procrastinating works…but NOT for working out!!! CONSISTENCY works for diet, exercise and for getting BUFF!!!


Sizzlin’ in 6 Week #3 Conference Call is happening tomorrow May 19th at NOON central time.  Call in info is will be sent to your e-mail.  We are going to talk “All About ABS!!”

Here is a download LAST WEEK’s call ( our Week #2 conference call) … “the Keys to Sizzlin’!!”:

WAV version

MP3 version



Yesterday I started off the week with 2 great workouts including loads of fast running both Monday on my own and Tuesday at football.intervals on bike, 10 mins on stair mill, 10 mins on r-bike

Today I have a leg workout on tap…My body is exhausted from football last night! But here’s the plan!

warm up r-bike 10 mins

laying leg lifts with stretching

lower back extensions

leg curls



seated leg press

Dead lifts- 2 sets


walking lunges- 2 sets of 30 steps

leg extension

multi- hip

shuffle circles and side to sides in aerobics room

knee ups

20 min r-bike


I better go do my tax stuff!! I can’t procrastinate any longer!

Your friend the Procrastinator,




12 Replies to “Procrastinator Michelle! S6day17

  1. I am the QUEEN procrastinator so I can totally relate! Today I visited my grandparents out of state so I took the day off and enjoyed their company.

  2. Procrastination has always been a problem for me…but I am glad to say that I am starting to recover from it. A run and sprints in the morning, and a 20 mile bike in the afternoon. I’m too noodle legged for a leg workout 🙁

  3. definitely a procrastinator!! I did a walk/jog last night late with my sister-in-law just because… So legs it is!!

  4. I too am a procrastinator as I’m sure there are many, many more out there just like us 🙂
    My body feels rundown from running over 4 miles last night – my new PB. Not sure what to do or how to handle it but my hips, knees and calves are all sore w/generaly achiness throughout my tired body. Ibuprofen is on tap along w/steak for supper…

  5. somewhere I missed day 17 posts… I have worked hard to comment each day for sucessful “Graduation” from the program… I have to respond alot from my phone because I am always on the run… so… Here I am… this is my day 17 comment even though its day 19. Even though It is hard…I have been facing procrastination head on and treating it like its my biggest enemy. I am making a point to push through and not listen to the sabotage that steals my victory.

  6. you are doing great!! This post was put up a bit latter than the usual- thus the PROCRASTINATOR THEME.

  7. Running that far for the first time in awhile does illicit some pain…be sure to not run tomorrow and hydrate well.
    Anti-oxidants help too!

  8. Me too! Especially when it is something i am not real keen on doing but have to do because of some obligation. working out is almost never something i procrastinate about. Sometimes i feel guilty and irrisponsible for working out when i have so many other things to get done and a har working husband.

  9. Thank you for always being so real! I can totally relate especially with the dishes and laundry situation. Than you Michelle I am glad to know there are more of us out there, lol

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