Time for CHANGE?? ~S6day16

Time for Change??

Time for Change??~ What’s the thought process that you go through when you are making a change in your life?  What are your emotions and feelings?  Are you excited, scared, nervous, confused, confident?

Change no matter what is stressful, but having friends who support you through the CHANGE makes the entire process much easier!  I love Change in my life…it keeps me on my toes and Challenges me to rise up and be my best!  My faith in God through change is what keeps me positive, confident and stress-free!  God is GOOD and wants the BEST for me!! I know that!!

My yearning for change is crazy sometimes…I get bored way to easily~ A few years back we “moved” from Fargo to Dallas, Dallas to MN, MN to Fargo and Fargo to Arkansas.  All within a matter of 3 years!  That was too much change and CRAZY!

Another example of crazy change is jumping from one failed diet plan to another…Back when I was “lost” to my HORMONES…I tried every diet under the sun!  Every month I’d start a program and 2 weeks later I’d fail!  The cycle continued until I CHANGED my approach.  I found out that my HORMONES were the cause of my failure and all I needed to do to fix the problem was to integrate them into my plan!  And that’s how Hormonal Timing was born!  I’ve STUCK to that plan for 6 years…and Have had NO DESIRE to change it!  When something WORKS and gives continual results why CHANGE??  There is NO REASON TO!

I would like to encourage you to change things in your life that aren’t working …but things that DO work, stick with them!  And when you are changing things up, stay plugged into friends and support who’ve successfully led the way.

My Chest/Tricep workout from yesterday was a bit less than I had hoped for and a bit more painful than expected, so I didn’t do any intervals and I am taking today off from my workouts, but NOT my diet!

Here is my running tally for today:
P- shake
C- cream and sugar in coffee

Have a great day!!


p.s. today’s Lower body/abs workout:



DB Squats
Pliet Squats-wide toes out
Laying side leg raises
Romainian Dead lifts
Walking Lunges- no weight
2×15-20 each leg
Calf Raises


Passive Abs- suck it in 24/7- posture
Sit ups- hands on hammies
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Knee ups- roman chair are best
Traditional AB crunch
Ball Crunches




25 Replies to “Time for CHANGE?? ~S6day16

  1. Change is challenging. In 2009, I read HT timing. Along with the fact that I was turning 40 in six months, I had enough of hoping to get buff and fit. I felt like I was one of those people at the gym working hard but never changing. I knew it was my diet. So that august with much excitement and anxiety I began following HT timing and clean eating. Within nine months even the trainers at the gym were impressed and asking me how I did. That was when I knew I had achieved what I had always wanted.

  2. I am really happy to already see some change in my body, and my attitude!. Somehow things have all come together.I have just survived a really serious TOM, which included a 2 kilo (4 pound)water weight gain and loss, a UTI, teething twins with scarlet fever, and a four year old with hayfever, oh, and DH was away.

    I did my work outs, stuck to my eating plan, and was really happy to welcome cday 1 in the knowledge that in a short time it would all be over and i’d feel great again, sure enough, day five and I feel fantastic.

    I think what has changed, is that i could focus on the fact that everything that was happening at the time was just temporary, and I just rode out the storm rather than reaching for the chocolate.

  3. Helen and Elizabeth, thanks so much for sharing. It’s so uplifting and motivating to hear how others are achieving their goals and “changing” their lives! Congrats on staying motivated and healthy!

  4. There hasn’t been much change in my weight however I am getting stronger and have been able to up my weights in several exercises. Yesterday my 10 year old son said my shoulders felt hard! I couldn’t believe it! My arms are getting “hard”!

  5. Change is good. Just wish I was seeing more of it. I feel and look stronger but it seems that all my hard work is still hiding behind a pesky layer of fat! I’m eating good, taking my HT pills, working out and biking faithfully! I did the 40 day challenge and now this. Michelle what am I doing wrong? How can I see the Change, not just feel it?

  6. I love reading your daily posts! They are so encouraging and help keep me on track with my workouts! Thanks SO much for doing these contests! I haven’t worked out consistently in over 2 years, but since starting this contest, am remembering how much i loved it and how good I felt after a workout.

  7. Boy I am tired – pleasantly tired since I added the interval workout but no sacrifices no glory, right! I had to start my week today vs. Monday. I too like reading the posts – encouraging and empowering. Legs and abs tomorrow!

  8. One day – Ill have the body of fitness competitor – and its happening one workout and one meal at a time:-)0

  9. I think I want the change….but need the drive to make it happen!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Thanks for the encouragement … My kids have shared a cold with me and I actually snuck a brief nap in right after they went to bed. Finished the workouts but not with much gusto. Hope to kick this bug soon!

  11. thanks for the encouragement Rebecca!!
    Helping women like you fall in love with fitness is the goal!!

  12. TIME!! you need time to UNDO the damage inactivity/bad habits have created in your body- keep at it!!
    Also, are you lifting?? BE SURE TO LIFT!!

  13. I thrive on change! I would love to move every 3 years, but those darn kids changed that. I keep telling my husband that they would love Madagascar but he is not so adventurous.
    Actually Africa is an elaborate ruse to get him to move to Italy. At least I can drive to Italy in 3 hours. And I think I would just throw in the towel and be a Big Mama in Italy. The food is THAT good…lol.

  14. Legs and Abs done! Great workout I can feel I am getting stronger! Change is good, life brings me challenges and each is hopefully making me a better person : ) Thanks for everything so far, I feel and look better!!

  15. I am contemplating a change right now. I started off with wanting to change my body tummy mostly. I have a good start on that i just need to keep it up. Now i need to be fearless about changing my diet and….. i want to study ti be a personal trainer and possibly health sciences. Scarry ti committ to something like this as it could keep me tied down and i love to travel. Sometimes yoy just have to get your dycks ib a row and just do it

  16. Change is very difficult for me in a lot of areas even when it would be for the best. Then in other areas I too am one that gets bored easily but get frustrated when I don’t know how to change it. I am learning to work on things one at a time or in small steady doses so that I don’t get as overwhelmed. My menu choices definantly need a change but I get overwhelmed at where to begin. I am getting there though one step at a time.

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