SuperHERO!! ~S6day15

Which Superhero are you?

She’s a superhero”; “You’re a superhero”; “Man!! I’d love to be a Super Hero” ; “GSP is a Super Hero!!”  It is cool to be a super hero!!
The definition of a super hero used to be based upon fictional “super powers”…if you had a super power you were then able to claim SUPER HERO status.  I my mind this isn’t’ the case…Super Heros are all around us they are in many forms, shape, sizes and most often do not have fictional super powers!    It’s fun to rev up our imagination  and by comparing ourselves and others to superheros!!   Please comment with your own thoughts and ideas about superheros and be sure to tell us about the super heros in your life!!

One thing that I know all Super Heros posses is PASSION!! they are so deeply passionate about their beliefs that no matter the obstacles or villains that stand in the way…they ALWAYS win!  It’s their PASSIONATE PASSION that makes them Super!!  I challenge you to get more passionate about your passions this month and you too can be a Super Hero!!

I have so many passions which makes it impossible to be passionate about all of them… that’s why we are so much stressed and feel so frazzled!!  We are simply pulled and  pushed into so many different directions that NOTHING seems to be SUPER about us…we just end up being Goood at a lot of things vs. SUPER at 1 or 2.

That’s why this month I am going to focus on  being extra super passionate  2 things:

#1- – my business and passion~ I founded BuffMother because  I am passionate about helping women attain their best body life and legacy!!   I am so blessed to be in the position to help others!!
#2- Love~ I LOVE people…especially my family, Hubby Travis and my 4 kids.  I want to learn more about love, exude love, give love, feel love  and become LOVE!!

In order to have a SUPER HERO month of  we need to figure out….Which Superhero are you?

My results:
You are Hulk

The Flash
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Iron Man
You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.

Click here to take the “Which Superhero am I?” quiz…

Well that tells a bit to much about me, lol!!  I didn’t know I was so full of rage?? Maybe I should train to be a cage fighter after all~ LOL!!

Take the quiz it’s fast and fun!!  and please let me know your result!  I love getting to know you~


Please comment with your own thoughts and ideas about superheros and be sure to tell us about the super heros in your life!!

NOW onto our contest…It’s week 3, Day 15 and the start of a new phase.

Here’s the link to download the NEXT 2 week’s worth of workouts:

Weeks 3 and 4

Today’s workout in detail is as follows:

Day 15

Lift Upper Body- traditional lifting- do one exercise at a time with 1-2 mins rest between sets, once complete move on to the next exercise.

and of course….

DB Press-on ball
push ups on knees
One arm DB lat row
Bent over rows
Shoulder Press
Bicep curls
Tricep dips
3x 10

“Boosting”Phase 2:
4 min. warm up
2 min. hard
2 min. easy
2 min. hard
2 min. easy
2 min. hard
2 min. easy
2 min. hard
2 min. cool down
This is 20 min total: 8 hard min. total

And ABS!! You can do these between sets of your lifting during your “rest” if you’d like:

Passive Abs
Sit ups- hands on hammies
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Knee ups- roman chair are best
Traditional AB crunch
Ball Crunches



34 Replies to “SuperHERO!! ~S6day15

  1. Superman! It says I am ‘mild-mannered, good, strong and you love to help others.’ I’ll take that! Now I’m off to do a superman style workout!!!

  2. Oh wow!! Tracey you are a Genius!! NICE!!
    What king of engineer are you, my son is interested in the field.

  3. wise words Elizabeth!! HONESTY is highly valued by me too! no one is without flaw 🙂

  4. So it said I am supergirl. Actually there was a tie between super girl and wonder woman. I guess I am a grown woman but my tendencies are naive and young spirited. I give others the benefit of the doubt. No matter what I see people all trying their best, sprinkled with mistakes here and there. I consider those who know themselves well and portray nothing else but who they authentically and are confident about themselves knowing they are not perfect and allow for mistakes those people are my heroes!

  5. WONDERWOMAN!!!! I am “a beautiful princess with great strength of character!” well, I don’t know about all that but it sounds cool! 😉
    I am FINALLY feeling much better, almost 100%, and I am so ready to get SIZZLIN’! Whether I LOOK much different or not, I’m not sure, but I know my strength and endurance have increased and that is some awesome momentum!!

  6. The quiz was very interesting & a nice way to ease into the week! I happened to be Iron Man – Inventor. Businessman. Genius. I defiantly like the genius part. I can see how I am similar to Tony Stark; to start off we both are engineers! We both are pretty outgoing and like to have a good time. I can’t believe that we are already into week 3! This contest has made working out easy and something to look forward too.

  7. Perfect timing for me personally for the boosting routine! Yay! I’m enjoying mixing it up from my normal routine. I did the weight routine described after my spin class, but I added 20 more push ups. I could’ve gone heavier on weights for the back, but now I know for next time. Thanks again for the daily emails and routines. It’s such great motivation! I’m loving this contest!

  8. I’m apparently Spiderman. Interesting. Thanks for the food for thought! These daily emails are great. I look forward to them every morning. I’m following the weight routine in order to mix it up from my usual one, even though I’m used to doing a different split. It’s time I changed things. I’m just loving this contest! Perfect timing for the boosting phase for me personally. Thanks for doing this for us, Michelle!

  9. Quiz said I’m Superman. I guess I’ll take it …
    Finished workout and it’s surprising how the abs especially have gotten so much more manageable after just 2 weeks! I don’t flop back down from a movement unable to keep going for a few seconds. Yay! It’s working!

  10. So late checking in – unable to workout today but will just pick it up tomorrow – I too am Hulk – a wanderer with incredible strength – I don’t know about the strength part but I believe a wanderer is probably as close as you can get to describing me right now – except for my family and fitness. Strength training is my focus right one with goals of adding more definition. And Family – well that has always existed since birth of the kiddos!!

  11. Wonder Woman here just to check in and say ‘Thanks!’ for the new workout. I am almost done in my boosting phase, but I guess I will revert back to the earlier workouts when that day comes (2-3 days from now).

    Have to go make a chocolate cake for a cake walk at my son’s school this evening. After the cake is out of the oven and cooling I’ll get to the gym!

  12. I am Wonder Woman – a beautiful princess with great strength of character. It is true. 🙂 My Dad is probably all of the super heroes combined into one supersonic hero! Like Captain Iron Hulk America or something along those lines. He successfully raised 3 kids on his own, none of us were ever jailed and all of us are U.S. Army Veterans. Way to go Dad!
    I’ve been celebrating my birthday ALL WEEK (it’s only Tuesday) and it shows in how tight the waist band of my jeans is…yuck! Gotta get to steppin ASAP!

  13. You are Supergirl: Lean, muscular and feminine.
    Honest and a defender of the innocent.

    Supergirl 65%
    Hulk 65%
    Iron Man 65%

    Too fun Michelle! I actually am happy with how all is going so far. I’m up over 120 (120.6) and adding lean muscle mass little by little. Feeling strong and healthy. I even went to Everything But Water today and bought an awesome bikini!!! It was expensive so even more of an incentive to keep pushing myself and really work on my abs!

  14. Well I can’t believe it but I’m getting in shape!! WOOOHOO!! Thanks so much Michelle!!You are awesome!!

  15. a NEW bikini is great incentive!! That’s why I have 3 new ones in my closet at all times, lol!!

  16. Checking in. Havent taken the quiz yet but i had better as i am not feeling very super hero today. I could use a boost or an image of a superhero to focus on. My weight is up a couple of lbs instead of down my house is a mess (remodeling laundry room & bathroom) and have been busy busy with kids and tending a friends little one…. and it is cycle day 24so that explains a lot 🙂

  17. I will adapt abd overcome! exercise is my medicine and laundry will never ever be completely done. Lol!

  18. Haha I was Supergirl, however I was having a pretty good day cause on bad day no telling who it would be, probably a villian, lol. I like the idea of lean though and that is definantly my goal. Have a good one!

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