Branded?? ~S6day14

Have you branded yourself?

Today our 14th day of contest and it’s another day off.

For my day off I love handing with family and hitting the trails. We just “found” a network of trails in our city last week and today is in the 60′s and sunny~ so we are going to venture out with the kids. It should be a fun time!!

I was reading part of a book by the preacher T.D. Jakes this morning. It was the first time I’ve ever read anything of his. He seems to be a good writer…He wrote about that we should all “BRAND” ourselves. Similar to how Oprah has branded herself. When we hear the name Oprah~ we know what kind of quality she stands for and we expect that something with her name on it should be a certain way. Each of us should be able to name at least 3 things that are the qualities of our personal BRAND. For instance this would be and example mine:

“Hi, I am Michelle Berger….my mission is to help women by giving them hope to persue their dream body, life and legacy! My method is to lead by example in my own life, showing love to others and giving encouragement to women who God brings into my life.”

Have you ever thought about what your brand is? or what you want your brand to BE?

Today is also my day off of workouts~ and BOY am I in need of it!! I am sore! Not as tired as I am many Thursdays, but I am glad we are taking the day off. My lower back is still being a bugger~ I think I strained something in there on Monday…so tomorrow’s leg workout will have to be adjusted. AND I have limited my cardio/intervals because of it. So…my week hasn’t gone exactly as planned, but it’s still been very productive!

Yesterday we lifted CHEST~
here’s how that went:
6 min r-bike

one set push ups (15reps)
135×6 (help with 2)
145×4 (help with 2)
155×4 (help with 4)
135×5 (help with 3)


Cable flys (one arm at a time)

Bench dips
3 sets to fail

knee ups
2 sets of 15

I cooked a chicken for dinner~ it was good and will have some of that meat for eats today!

Well, I gotta go get ready to HIKE!!




13 Replies to “Branded?? ~S6day14

  1. A day off sounds good. I feel like I did well this week especially while recovering from this stupid cold. Another week of Boosting for me!

  2. Oh yeah, and yesterday I had an AWESOME run and AB work out! I am very very weak in cardio and I had a hugely marked difference in my stamina! THIS IS WORKING!!!!!!!!

  3. I needed another day off too…my legs are STILL sore from Thursday’s workout! 🙂 I did ride bikes yesterday so it wasn’t a total rest. I am going to have to think hard on the BRAND that is me! Hmmmmmmm…

  4. Yesterday I led another workshop for Girls Inc. I love working with kids and encouraging them to dance as a fi=un way to exercise.

    Today was great to have the day off as my first Daughter made her First Communion. A Big day for all of us! Back hitting the gym tomorrow.

  5. OH that sounds like a great plan- being OFF for your bday is a great way to celebrate!! God bless!!

  6. You are such a great encourager- I think knowing that and letting it exude throughout all of your life is a GREAT BRAND!

  7. Doing a double bootcamp today for my birthday so no day off here… maybe tomorrow 🙂
    Make it a great one!

  8. Thanks Michelle – Hope to sew some seeds that will grow into healthy young women, and maybe jon opportunities for me too:-)

    I am also growing in confidence in me too. Someone made a comment to me about my 8 year old to suck in her belly – wow – a year ago I would have laughed it off – today the person concerned got a lecture on leading to self esteem issues and to stop projecting her insecurities onto my beautiful and healthy child.

  9. So I slept like a baby last night and this am….sore chest and arms…It’s a good thing that today is a day off since I’ll be at work until 7:30!! I feel much better and even raced the kiddos last night and didn’t do too bad!! (:

  10. glad you are sleeping great! sorry you missed practice …we had a small turn out, but it was still good!

  11. I have never read any of T D Jakes stuff either so sounds like tomorrow I will do a search a library and try to get some on cd so I can listen learn and be inspired while working. Thanks Michelle for your Brand.

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