Bad Hair days?? ~S6day13

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HEY!! It’s Day 13 of our contest!!!  Your workout today is 20-40 mins of steady cardio~ Just get moving!!

I’ve been Keeping busy…having fun, lol!
Yesterday was DATE day with Travis and we had a GOOOOOOD time!
We went for lunch and then tried to go bowling, but due to road construction we could NOT get to FAST LANES the bowling alley.

ANYHOW…we decided it wasn’t meant to be and got movies instead.
We watched:
BILL (I’d give it a C+)
MARLEY and ME (I’d give it a B)
I AM LEGEND (I’d give it a B+)

and tonight we are going to watch AUSTRALIA

I ran hard and long yesterday…I feel like I am getting in much better cardio shape, but I need to do more!

Today for my workout I did legs, but a wimpy workout once again~ my back was being a bit bothersome. I think I’ll have to add some extra cardio in tomorrow to make up for the LAX workout I had today.

Hope you are having some FUN times in your life too~

OUR Weekly ?- “BAD HAIR DAYs??”

I have been struggling as of late with my hair products. I can’t seem to find hair products that fits all my hair’s NEEDS all the time– I have tons of stuff I use and from day to day, season to season those change…
I have had good success with Pantene product, Big Sexy Hair and Pureology.
I also REALLY like in emergency situations to use a dry shampoo.

What is your favorite hair products?
Do you have a hair line you love?
What type of styling products do you use?




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  1. I change hair products often. I find after a time my hair reacts badly. I rotate them. They are big sexy hair, biologe and nexus. My hair is short my favorite product right now ( it has been for a year) has been pureology texture twist.

  2. I like to use Redken hair products but cost sometimes prevents me from buying all that I need. So from Costco, I use Pantene. Sometimes I buy the intense conditioner but I seem to go thru it like crazy. I use infusium 23 on the girls to keep it shiny and comb-able. For setting their hair in curlers or for “flip” styles I use Redken hot sets 22. You can use it for “wet set” too though so it works really well with sponge rollers when I need the “high curly cheerleader ponytails”.

  3. I use Mastey and really like it. I have pretty long hair. It’s fine, but I have a lot of it. I don’t wash my hair every day, either. And sometimes, I skip the shampoo altogether and just wash with conditioner without silicones. : ) I’m picky about ingredients so I try to stay away from parabens, silicones and sulfates. I don’t even use styling products unless it’s a special occasion. I use a natural lightener in the summer. In fact, I’m really blessed. I’m a wash and go kind of gal (no hairdryer here), but I normally end up with my hair in a ponytail every day. : )


  4. Quick question: You mentioned the workouts will be changing, will there be a boosting version of the workouts for this contest or are we to just continue buffing? If I missed something I apologize. I haven’t had time to keep up with the posts nearly as much as I would like. Thanks!

  5. Hi – checking in after a run in the 90-degree Texas heat.

    I am excited to see everyone’s hair product ideas! I have been meaning to try the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse but keep forgetting to take it to the bathroom.

    My hair is very hard to fully clean – don’t care for Pantene, Herbal Essences, Aveeno, or Avalon Organics. Sometimes Biolage works, but after awhile even that leaves residue.

    My stylist in Des Moines used Aquage and that seemed to work well. Maybe it’s time to seek that out and fork over the extra cash.

  6. Training for a triathlon so did a 45 min steady swim today. Something about swimming just wears me out! I actually took a nap this afternoon which I never do…..just couldn’t keep my eyes open – ha! Maybe it has something to do with my swim having to happen at 5am because of my kids sports schedules today:)

    Aveda – Air Control Hair Spray is THE BEST! Have to try it. Not heavy, holds well, it’s just great and worth the $$. I have long blonde color treated hair and once a week I use Matrix color smart hair mask. It keeps my hair soft but not weighed down.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I like Color DNA shampoos and conditioners and Herbal Essance Toussle Me Softly products for those days I don’t have time to curl or straighten 😉
    I lifted legs HEAVY last night! I was so proud of myself, hitting some PBs!! It’s dreary and overcast today but I’m going to try to get an outdoor run in anyways.

  8. Typically use Pantene or Tresemme, specially the heat protection stuff when blowdrying or straightning my hair, but other than that I dont use much in my hair at this length, its roll it, clip it and be done…short hair however and its a truckload of product!

  9. I change hair products often. I have never found one I love. I think what my hair needs if for me to spend more time with it not more product. I have long wavy think brown hair that is prone to being frizzy so it spends most of the day in a ponytail.

  10. Hi! You don’t even want to know my hair products, lol. Hmmm, Head n Shoulders, oh, and John Frieda products, esp. that stuff that gets rid of frizz in the little blue bottle, $7. Love. That’s it.

    I’m with Daniell on the boosting/buffing question. I’ve actually been in my boosting phase for several days now, but have been adhering to the buffing workouts you’ve posted.

    Should we be doing something different if we’re boosting…just haven’t seen anything telling us to do otherwise, which I guess you could just leave it up to common sense and we should do the boosting w/o instead, but I do love just being told what to do… .

    Started creatine yesterday, btw. Can’t wait to see some changes!


  11. Aquage is my favorite but also really like Nexus and Kenra hair products. I have very thick, course and wavy hair.

  12. This contest is 6 weeks all about getting sizzling…6 weeks pushing hard- you want to strive for weight loss/leaning out the entire time. To adjust to your hormones though focus on the MENTAL approaches.
    If you’d like a customized Hormonal Timing program I can write one for you. Check out my training options in my store

  13. mine has gotten more curl now than prior to kids…I also think I need a water softener!

  14. good idea on the vinegar rinse…for build up I’ve used baking soda before and it works well- but don’t use it too often 🙂

  15. Aveda, it’s natural and good for the environment. Pricey, but I think worth it!

    Missed the posting yesterday, but got the workout in today and yesterday. I was starving when I got home and ate a lot of carbs! Uggh! I should just not keep that stuff in the house for the next 4 weeks!

  16. I have used and really like Aveda products i just hate spending a lot if money in hair products. It us si expensive to be a woman lol! i also like big sexy hair spray and some pantene products. Right now i am in a hair rut. I have really long wavy hair and dont have a lor of time to style it. Consequently i go a la natural and oyll it up in a barret or pony tail. Classy…orobably not. It is also getting gray! so i may have to bite the bullet and color it. Any suggestions????

  17. I would say yes to coloring your gray…on the other if you cut it a bit shorter/add layers sometimes naturally wavy hair can be rather easy. My DD’s is that way in she’s got a “SHAG” cut…it works great!

  18. I am no help on this subject, lol. My hair is terrible. I do whatever I can to keep it from drying out. My hair dresser also suggested I take biotin and watch my diet along with watch stress levels. So I am excited cause the “sizzlin in 6” will actually help my hair too.

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