Energy up!!

HEY!!  I am so happy to report that my ENERGY is UP again after a couple physically DEAD days on Monday (cday2) and Tuesday(cday 3). WHEW!!  It’s good to have some spunk again!

My “Every Day in May” personal workout goal is going great.  I’ve not yet missed a day:

Sat- football game- worked out for about 3-4 hours,  lol!
Sunday- Long hike in the woods- 2.5-3 hours…what a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day afternoon!
Monday- football practice- 2+ hours of working out
Tuesday- Lift full body Mish-Mosh for 30 mins @gym: Chest press, pull ups, shoulder press, lat pulls, leg press, calf raises, 2 laps around indoor track (400m total)

Tonight is Footbal practice again~ we have a game in Kansas City this weekend at 10am.  I’ll be driving up on Friday night~ trying to decide if Travis and the kids are going or not??  Anyhow- I’m excited to play another game!!

In other news- we will be having a conference call tomorrow at NOON central time.  I’ll be posting and sending out call in info in the morning.  Please join us if you can.  I’ll be talking about the most effective ways to attain a SIZZLIN’ summertime body!!

We’ll I have a client to train, gotta run (literally)!!

Love ya,



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