Videos!! by BuffMother~ (S6 Day 6)


How to Bench Press by BuffMother
push up progression
Strecthing for bench press by BuffMother
Tricep kickbacks by BuffMother
Tricep push downs by BuffMother
Tricep bench dips by BuffMother
DB tricep extensions
Cable Flys
Bench Press

DB Lat Row
Cable Upright Rows by BuffMother
Seated Rows and Shoulder Press
Lateral Shoulder raise (cable) REAR VIEW
Lateral Shoulder raise (cable)
Cable Bicep Curls (posedown)
Lat Pulls

Bulgarian or Single leg squat -no weight demo
Leg Curl
Froggy Leg Curl
barbell db dead lifts
ball leg curls
Standard DB dead lifts
Starter style Walking lunges no weight
Walking lunges no weight
wide stance db dead lifts
BuffMother leg workout instruction (1 of 3)
BuffMother leg workout instruction (2of 3)
BuffMother leg workout instruction (3 of 3)
BuffMother! Butt Squats on Smith
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (butt emphasis)
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (basic)
BuffMother Squats
Leg stretches

knee ups on ottaman
decline sit ups
in gym core work.wmv
Ab Crunch- Isolation
Dancing- ab twist

High Knee progression plus butt kicks Running Drill
Paw the Ground Running Drill
Running High Knees Running Drill
Skip High Knee Paw ground RunDrill
Skipping High Knees Running Drill
Walking calves RunDrill
Walking High Knees Running Drill
Walking Shin RunDrill
BuffMother! Hip Flexor drill

Buffing workout buffing video re-done 11-21.wmv
boosting 8-08.wmv
workout demo
Beginner Upper body Buffing DB circuit
Lower body DB workout at home- circuit style
Home upper body workout circuit

Coaching and Promo
buffmother com – thanks for visiting site
It’s Friday!! end of contest week 1 – how working out keeps diet on track
SSS intro
Video Coaching
40 days Congrats
“Hormonal Timing” look inside
BuffMother’s webcam recorded Video – September 03, 2009,
After Baby Abs by BuffMother Book promotion
Best AB product available for FREE!!
GG BuffMother dot com
cycle day 7.wmv
cycle day 6.wmv
cycle day 5.wmv
cycle day 4.wmv
cycle day 3.wmv
cycle day 2.wmv
Posing suit and AB posing tips by BuffMother!
Back figure posing


Hair Day before and after 9 17 09
New Computer Cam with KIDS vlog 9 16 09
BuffMother’s webcam recorded Video – September 03, 2009, 1
Goin’ Golfing!! Michelle Berger, BuffMother vlog 8-26
the “Video AGE”~ BuffMother, Michelle Berger Vlog 8-23
R Bike Laundry Housework Fitness by BuffMother
My son! Gunner running 40’s 7 3 09 part 1 of 2
My Birthday movie 0001
BuffMother! WINS a college 800M race

Goofing around
Bob Likes boobies
MJ tribute (Higher quality edit)
BuffMother! birthday shoot
BuffMother photoshoot dec ’05
5 11 06 bikini challenge before video
photo test2
running silly intro
Michelle Berger in yellow bikini BuffMother!
BuffMother Photoshoot red/white bikini
Michelle Berger BuffMother slideshow
Six weeks to sexy final.wmv
cycle day 7 what I wear dance.wmv
sexy dance cycle day 6.wmv
New outfit



18 Replies to “Videos!! by BuffMother~ (S6 Day 6)

  1. Yesterday was insane. I had to pick up my mother and take her to my grandfather which would normally take 1 hour each way and back. Well I left at 8 am and because our area I’d flooding it took us until 10 pm to get home. Plus I got LOST trying to get around flood waters! So needless to say my kids were very cranky and so was I at the end if the day and no leg work out was accomplished. I blogged yesterday when we stopped for lunch still having every belief that we would be home at a decent hour and I could still do legs but stuff happens. So now I’m going to do legs today and take tomarrow off….

  2. Today I led my first Nia workshop. It was amazing. I worked with a group of middle school girls and talked about how we are all different, we all have unique talents and the benefits of fitness. Then we danced a Nia routine. It was joyous to see the spark of enjoyment and pleasure in their faces. Im gonna do it all again next week.

  3. Gonna do the cardio tomorrow. I think my husband will drop me off 2 miles from home and make me run the rest of the way. Not kidding!!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Michelle!!
    Did 20 minute run intervals buffmother style for the first time and I loved it. I actually felt like a strong runner when normally I don’t. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Happy Mom’s Day Michelle!!
    Opting for a day of rest today. Back in the workouts tomorrow!

  6. I’m going to elliptic for 40 min so I don’t feel too bad about being 200 miles from home and missing practice!!

  7. Sorry to hear you are on the road again this week…are you sore from Saturday? I am!!
    See you this weekend 🙂

  8. Didn’t post yesterday, but had a great workout out. Taking today off because of work and an appt. Eating well. Hope to get a hard workout in tomorrow.

  9. The videos are just what I needed, thank you for all you do and making exercising easier, no excuses I can even do them at home.

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