Sizzlin' in 6!! Contest

“Sizzlin’ in 6”

Sizzlin’ in 6 (S6)- Our New 6 week contest…officially starts May 2nd. And is open for anyone to join the entire month of MAY!! Join us and invite your friends too!!



*Please note- the day AFTER  you sign up on this form is your Day 1.(for example: If you sign up on May 1st your you’ll start on MONDAY May 2nd )


  • 6 weeks of intense focus on getting you fit, buff, sexy, hot and just plain SIZZLIN’ for Summer!!
  • 42 days of email support
  • Daily features include: articles, videos, exercise plans and inspirational success stories.
  • Conference calls each Thursday at Noon
  • Additional encouragement and support will be a click away  in
  • Open to everyone to join in during the entire month of May!!
  • Prizes will be given away for final entrants

Join us, what do you have to lose except for some FAT!!

Let’s get Sizzlin’ in 6!!!

Your friend,

Michelle Berger






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  1. Count me in! I just took my measurements/weight and am headed to the gym for my lunch break from work. Perfect timing…I have a beach vacation planned soon. this will help get me ready and keep me “on program” while I’m on vacation as it is in the middle of the 6 weeks…..when I see the great 6 weeks results, I will book another BEACH vacation for me at the end of summer….wooohoooo I’m all about REWARDS:)

  2. I took a long 1 year, 6 months off after having my baby. It’s so hard to get motivated. Please help. I’m looking forward to sizzlin in 6!!!

  3. I have been procrastinating and need to make some changes, looking forward to seeing them happen.

  4. Just completed my leg workout and threw in a few ab and cardio. Feel great. Excersize is a must for me. It is my medicine and therapy.:-) setting my goal of dropping about 5 lbs and an inch or two off my belly. Eating clean am absolute must. I want a new bikini for my 42nd bday and to look like i belong in a bikini! lol

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